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    Time To Travel To Venezuela With Blue Rate At 1:100?

    I have heard from an Argentine friend who traveled to Caracas recently that if you are white or European appearing, you will likely be robbed by the police for your dollars. He was robbed at gunpoint by two policemen one evening (6ish) walking to the kiosco.I would stay the hell away from that...
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    Importing Electronic Items Through The Mail

    I am a permanent resident. I have DNI. CUIL is another issue. I had one, but my previous business never made a centavo, so I did not pay the monthly obligation. I'm sure I will have to straighten this situation out. I will talk to an Aduanero to explore my possibilities in this regard.
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    Importing Electronic Items Through The Mail

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. So if I were to buy the testers from a manufacturer in Chile, would I still need to be a registered importer? I understand still needing to pay the 50% parasite tax, but is there anything else I should budget for?
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    Importing Electronic Items Through The Mail

    Since I receive mail with personal goods of value via postal mail, am I not already registered as an importer under the new rules?
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    Importing Electronic Items Through The Mail

    Can you elaborate on what you mean as a total loss? I have never lost a single item in the mail with insurance, a tracking number and purchase value assigned to the goods.
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    Importing Electronic Items Through The Mail

    I am considering the purchase of 40 water quality testers from China for resale here in Argentina. I will have them shipped via DHL to my home address here in Capital Federal. I understand I will need to pay 50% of the value of the goods plus 50% of the shipping fees to the Aduana. The Chinese...
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    Advice Please

    Good luck finding anything here in that price range. As for the coffee situation, expats with a little ingenuity simply buy green coffee beans for cheaper than the crappy coffee they sell here and roast their own at home so they have the freshest possible brew everyday. I suggest you peruse this...
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    Aduana Problems?

    I have mailed vitamins and spices along with small electronics items to myself from the states via USPS Global Express and never had to pay any fee or duties on them.
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    Banking in Argentina

    Thanks to everyone who shared their experience with Argentine debit & credit cards. I greatly appreciate it!
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    Banking in Argentina

    I am now in posession of Argentine Permanent Residency & DNI and am considering opening an Argentine bank account. I want to know if it is possible to get a bank account here with a VISA or Mastercard debit card that I can use to buy items abroad in dollars (like on and pay for them...
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    Bank account still necessary for renewal of residencia??

    I guess it just depends on who takes your paperwork. All 3 times that I renewed my rentista visa, I had to show proof of an Argentine bank account along with all my other papers. In fact, the first time I went to renew my rentista visa, they told me to go and open an account before I could even...
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    robberies and insurance

    Just a few more reasons why Argentina needs to permit the concealed carry of handguns NOW!
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    Epsom Salt

    The Sulfato de Magnesio (aka Sal Ingles) is , IMHO, overpriced when purchased at the farmacias. If you need a bulk amount of Magnesium sulfate, I recommend the lady who sells it here-...
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    reporting a Doctor who scams patients

    Hi Guys n Gals, I have a friend who is having trouble with a local doctor. The doctor practices Biological Medicine and ripped my friend off for $200 USD for a diagnostic test and now will not treat my friend. Is there an Argentine Medical Association or similar agency we can file a complaint...
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    What is wrong with these people!?

    This person is some sort of MKUltra vicitm. It has been reported that a man sitting in the theatre was observed going to the emergency exit and opening the door for the shooter to come in, so the gunman was not acting alone. This incident is way too convenient to be real for the powers that be...