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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    This forum allows ''newbies'' a section to herald their arrivals and ‘’tap’’ your wonderful experiences - treat them kindly lovely people. Remember your hopes and fears during those ''formative days'' in this remarkable metropolis. Have a heart to positively affect their early experiences...
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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    I think that my point is to have the good manners to answer someone's Q and not vent your frustrations...younger readers are impressionable and it can make them apprehensive about travel - that's my point.
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    Fish And Chips?

    Wow the last time I had cod and chips was in London. I might have to add to my expanding waistline and indulge myself on Saturday night, I love fish and chips. Not sure about the curry sauce though, is that a Brit thing? And, fried Mars Bars - do they not just melt??? Can you get a Mars Bar here?
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    Parrilla Takeaway - It Was Great!

    I am a great fan of BBQ'D meat, always have been. However, I am sorry to say that on most occasions I find the beef poor and overcooked - sorry! BUT - on Saturday night I was taken for a take-out parrilla on Junin intersection Pacheco de Melo - it did not seem to have a name but has red awnings...
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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    Sure, accepted. Expat forums should be a ''mine of information'' good and bad. In addition, they are sometimes the only place to vent in ones language. However, just take my point about someone's elation becoming deflation when they are excited by the prospect of travel. I am not an...
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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    I am new to this forum. I am not new to expat forums or their moans and groans. It is all part of the course. It is also all part of the course to pay a little more than locals when you travel and I have traveled all over the world and spent time in the most godforsaken places due to work. I...
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    I Reek Of Excitement!

    Here-here! And, the backbiting and anti-Argentina sentiment on this forum makes you wonder why people chose (choose) to reside in Argentina.
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    Six Months After: Ba Vs. Madrid

    I loved your analysis. I am a virologist (mainly bovine disease research) and spent some time in Spain last year for work and one month in Madrid before going back to Lima. I have not felt unsafe in Buenos Aires - yet. But I think your analysis is right on the money. The coffee in Buenos...
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    2 Months For The State

    I just paid two months as a fee. I was happy to do so because my agent negotiated a 3 month month bond for a 2 year contract with a one year break, with no garantia. I was able to provide a bank letter and a letter of good standing from Canada, although that was not needed. I suggest you...
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    A Good Dentist (English Speaking)

    Is Dr. Pelcman expensive, I am told prices vary? Thank you
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    Gay Friends Coming To Ba What Should I Do With Them?

    I did have a look at that and then a waiter told me these informational guides are horribly out-of-date because clubs open and close. I thought he was gay and without putting my big foot in the mouth, I made it obvious I was perplexed! He was cool, but married to another man and they don't go...
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    Lawyer For Power Of Attorney

    I needed a POA, it has to be executed in English and then translated officially if you are not a native. It's not a lawyer who does this but an escribano. I was referred to a good one who speaks English and you can email me for more information. I am not sure I should just post his details...
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    Gay Friends Coming To Ba What Should I Do With Them?

    I met two complete party animals in Brazil and stayed with them last year in London. Now they are visiting me at Easter and I want to know what I should do with them!!! They love partying, partying, partying and sleeping late!
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    Hello There!

    No idea on prices for double rooms?
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    Hello There!

    Any idea how much I would get for a double room, with private bathroom and balcony from tourists? Thank you for your information. I just read this article this morning that talks about the market issues and links to an article on taxation. I am on their mailing list and stayed with them on...