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    Transporting cats as cargo

    I flew Delta with mine. Make sure you have all the Senasa paperwork done - it's a multi-step process Then you pay at the airport as well. If Delta isn't flying into Argentina, you may be able to get one per person in a cabin on United as extra luggage. No check required for cats on the US...
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    land grabs

    It was pretty common during a time period near where we lived (20 minutes from downtown CABA). It was a group of families, they would move onto any vacant lot and make sure they put up temp housing with a roof (the roof gave them rights). Then they would wait for the owner to pay them to leave...
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    Best dentist

    I"m going to need some major dental work done and once the borders open back up, my plan is to fly back to BsAs to have it done b/c of prices. Any current recommendations for someone who can do major work and cosmetic dentistry? (Bridge) I'll be paying out of pocket and not looking for those...
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    Why not just apply for permanent residency? It's really not that painful of a process and you can do it now. And it was quick in my experience although that was a long time ago. NO need for a lawyer and also if you've been in Arg for 2 years, you probably don't need a criminal report from...
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    Wife really wants to go back to Argentina with kid

    The question is if Peru would let the wife leave with their child without permission of the father. Ugh..that's a tough one. Maybe point out to your wife that even if back in Argentina, she won't be seeing her family. Where were you based before this vacation in Peru? Obviously not US if...
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    2 tourists shot outside Faena Hotel P. Madero

    We once got surrounded by several teenagers while leaving Mater Dei (our newborn twins were just a few days old and still in neonatal). We handed over all the pesos we had because we couldn't be sure they didn't have knives and if they did, and they were kids, it wasn't like they were scared of...
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    Why is everybody complaining?

    Have you run a business en blanco in Argentina? I'm just curious about what you are basing your opinion on the"ease of starting a small business" for example. As for the rest - the answer is two-fold. One, venting with other expats is usually a safe way of blowing off steam instead of doing...
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    Cristina's culpability in the financial crisis and if capital controls will work under the peronists

    See I don't get this. When you start from zero and have record commodities pricing, growing the economy 10% year over year isn't exactly noteworthy. And there is literally no question that the K's pilfered from the public coffers - both in Santa Cruz and then on a national level. And that...
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    The default is righ here.

    I think Macri made a lot of mistakes. I also think that as the system is set up - no one will be able to shepherd Argentina into financial responsibility and stability. The unions are too strong, the ingrained expectation that the gov't should be responsible for all instead of having personal...
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    Wham here comes the tsunami

    Real estate is not for the faint of heart in Argentina. When we sold our farm at the end of 2016, part of the payment was another piece of real estate which was rented out to a commercial enterprise. Phenomenal location, great rental history, etc. The buyer of our farm said it was worth X...
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    Vegans invade La Rural

    Wasn't a cavalry charge. They did a very nice job herding them though ;) Seriously, it was nicely done and they were in complete control and none of them were hurt. (I saw another angle where some of the spectators hit the protestors when they ran out - that's very not cool).
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    Am I the only person in Argentina that finds the term "chinito" offensive?

    I think of it this way. If someone is a guest in your home and they tell you they prefer to be called George not Georgie or blondie or gringo or whatever - if you call them anything else other than George, you're being impolite. I know from my non-white friends who lived in/visited Argentina -...
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    What services will be affected by the strike on Wed, May 29

    Will international flights land at EZE on the 29th? Article said no flights. Ugh. Husband is flying out tomorrow from Miami and supposed to land the morning of 29th.
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    I’d be willing to bet said tourist had an extension from migraciones. They WILL NOT override that date at the border and give a new visa until the prórroga given at migraciones expires.
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    Yikes - Just looked at prices for a nice 2 BR in Canitas. Still seems pretty expensive to me relative to everything going on there.