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    BA Hairdresser

    Terrie thanks so much for not only cutting my hair this week but for the last 7 month's. I loved the fact that after the first cut you remembered what I liked, and I didn't have to say a word each time after that. Now that I'm leaving... I'll miss not only your cuts but your warm, friendly yet...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    Terrie (from Ireland) is fantastic, she's been cutting my hair for the last 7 month's. Plus she's not crazy expensive like some others.
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    A New Yorker With A Few Questions

    I had their pizza yesterday... way too much cheese, no crust, way too oily... Not good at all. I had to reverse my "Thanks for this post"...
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    Where can I order a commercial sign?

    WOW that is so nice of you! Thank you ever so much! I am trying to figure out if it's cheaper to get one made here or in Canada, because I wanted to take one back with me. :) Here's the contact number: 4805-0584 and the sign is at their new Arenelas location. Thanks again.
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    Where can I order a commercial sign?

    Thanks so much! I was typing: iluminados carteles comerciales into Google which was illuminated commercial signs translated to Spanish using Google translate..
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    Where can I order a commercial sign?

    Hi everyone, I hope someone will be able to help me... I am looking for a place that makes outdoor illuminated signs. I've searched on Google but no luck. I'd ask someone in the shops/cafes where I've seen them, but my Spanish isn't that good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
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    Extra ! Extra! Read all ´bout it !!

    My Canadian bank Scotiabank allows me to send myself up to $999 via western-union using internet banking. The fee I paid was $9CAD now if I were to try and withdraw the same amount using the ATM's here, I would have paid more than $30 that.
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    New Eco-Friendly Laundry Company in Palermo!

    Hey Citygirl... I wanted to let you know... I submitted The Laundry Company as a feature story on and guess what? It's now being featured on their site. Take a look: :)
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    Currency Exchange

    Western Union at RioBama and SantaFe gave me 3.83 Itau was offering 3.75
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    American hair dresser from San Francisco

    FYI.. Terrie's prices also includes house calls.
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    E-commerce website designer needed

    Some others are:
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    That's the only thing that makes sense. I included some other telling stats. Robberies 469,899 [1st of 47] Assaults 185,973...
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    Take a look on the right side of the page under Robberies: It does list Argentina number 1 out of 47 Robberies 469,899 [1st of 47]
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    # 1 Spain: 497,262 # 2 Argentina: 469,899 # 3 United States: 420,637 # 4 South Africa: 228,442 #...
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    Matt, so sorry to hear what happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thought I'd share this article: Though Argentine businessmen maintain an almost dead silence about all things political, two of the country’s most influential entertainers recently spoke out about violent crime...