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    Argentines: want to travel? You need Cristina's permission

    Yup, bad BAD people! They want to keep their money. Assholes! A good citizen just bends over and lets the saints in government do their work. Let the government decide what one should or should not have.
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    Canada vs US (for duel citizens)

    Canada pros - very liberal, multicultural (if you like it), pot-friendly (I don't smoke, but this is a good indicator), OK economy. Vancouver is very modern and almost feels like SE Asia. Canada cons - epic housing bubble ready to pop, economy dependant on commodities, less opportunities for...
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    Argentina decides to control oil firm YPF

    Argentina is turning into a classic (1930's style) fascist country.
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    Argentina's Many Problems Summarized

    I am not sure if a comparison to Cuba or Venezuela is the most accurate. I think it's more like fascist Italy before WW2. Such a shame...
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    Argentina's Problems

    Maybe you are not a communist, but you are equally ignorant.
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    New and already had a gun pulled on me

    You handled the situation well. Not resisting would not have guaranteed you survival.
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    Chile 101
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    Catching up to Argentina

    Historical comparison of Argentina vs other Latin American countries. Nothing new or too surprising, but still interesting:
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    Indoor smoking ban now in full effect

    Yes, and this regulation violates this right. There is no "right" to bend any restaurant to your taste. The owner should decide and you have a choice to use his services or not.
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    Indoor smoking ban now in full effect

    You are forgetting that the restaurants are private too and it should be up to the owners to decide whether they allow smoking or not. Anyway, I don't think we will come to an agreement here. Obviously, many people like this, so good for them. I, on the other hand, am in the minority that...
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    Indoor smoking ban now in full effect

    Cigarettes are taxed high even in Argentina and the government is making a lot of money off them. This ban is pure nannyism. But my objection is not about this ban per se. It's about the general changes that are happening in much of the World and in Argentina. Every aspect of our lives is...
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    Indoor smoking ban now in full effect

    I am a non smoker and I am against this ban. Argentina is becoming more and more like any other overregulated western nanny-state. But economically, it's still way behind...
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    Bringing Yerba Mate into Canada

    Yup, I have seen it in some stores in Vancouver too. Two different brands.
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    Bank account is closed
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    Argentina approves it's own Patriot Act

    It's for your own good.