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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    I think a doble spy working for the Mossad !....give me a break guys and wake upto reality everybody is in bed with everybody and everybody loves to f... everybody.
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    Anyone know where some basketball pickup games are?

    I`d be intersted in playing guys...keep in touch!
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    Hi everybody.....I`ll post my phone again so for those who are interested we can organize a game or tournament as I have courts where I`m staying (Nuñez..near River Plate stadium)....15-5410-1658. Regards, Simpn
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    Next Buenos Aires Hash Run Sunday 14th Feb

    be joining you guys ..hope it doesn`t rain!!
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    Hi guys ..maybe we can work it out next sunday ..I have an extra raquet..just let me know ...make it an excuse to drink and eat !!...I have to reserve the court 2 days n advance
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    sounds great...just let me know how many are wanting to come
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    depends when you guys want to play..i can reserve for 2 hours but has be 48 hrs`s my mobile..15-5410-1658..all those interesed give me a buzz and we`ll try organizing something..should be fun
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    Hi guys I have tennis courts where I`m staying Belgrano..maybe I can host and we have a get togettehr with food ect.
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    Looking for expats in Argentina to interview

    Give me a call on mobile 15-5410-168..might be able to help.
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    I`ll be bringing drinks and deserts
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    Christmas trip to Ushuaia?

    Hi Jen; Might be interested in flying South...if you want send me an email at
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    no your address from another of your links.
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    Love to join you on thursday..could you repeat the address please, Regards Simon.
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    Drinks tonight

    Hi my name is Simon and I was thinking of getting some people together for drinks tonight round the Palermo Soho area...if interested drop me a line.
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    Urgent! Hospital: just show up?

    you have the hospital fernandez near parque las heras and its free and quite sound.