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    An Ex-Expat's Observations from the US

    The US is so damn awesome. It's ridiculous. Since I've been back I've spent time in Florida, NYC, Austin and now live in New Orleans and I am continually blown away by the incredibleness of the great US of A and think I will be my entire life. But, anyway, one thing I'm curious about is how...
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    American Food

    Wait, overcooked beef in the US? Eh?
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    Vamos Los Rangers de Tejas!! (beisbol)

    Apparently Cliff Lee disagrees. :)
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    Ugh, why are Argentines selling our nuclear secrets to Venezeula...
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    Venezuela - Let us discuss it.

    Hah! This thread could be useful for people thinking of heading to Argentina for the first time in that they can witness a bit of the Argentine mindset before they get there (and maybe think twice about whether they want to deal with it). I wrote in another thread that anyone heading to...
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    Venezuela - Let us discuss it.

    Hah! Yeah, Argentina must have been just fantastic a century ago. Ah, the glory days. Anyway, back in the reality of now, Brazil is incredible. The emerging superpower of South America. Great people, great food, great beaches and great all sorts of other things. Ah, Brazil. Brigadier, you...
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    Venezuela - Let us discuss it.

    Eh? It's not as if easy sex is difficult to come by in Argentina. In Brazil, however, I've never noticed men jumping around like monkeys and groping women like Argentines do. In fact, my friends and I met a huge Brazilian biker in Rio who told us how he and his friends enjoyed beating the...
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    Venezuela - Let us discuss it.

    I adore Brazil and would move there in a heartbeat myself but aren't they pretty strict about their visa laws? My five-year visa allows me stays of 90 concurrent days and 180 days total for each year. I've heard that if you go over that they start charging you per day so not only do you get a...
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    Venezuela - Let us discuss it.

    I know several people who made the move from Argentina to Colombia and seem to be loving it. Colombia may be the next place in Latin America to really boom now that they've exported most of their drug-related violence to Mexico. Mexico, on the other hand, wow, that place is getting out of...
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    Best Coffee in the city??

    Hm... Isn't Illy just stamping their logo on coffee from Brazil or Colombia? Well, here's what Wikipedia has to say about it (here): "Since the end of the 1980s, illy has not purchased green coffee from the international commodity markets, but directly from the source. illycaffé exclusively...
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    Grocery Stores in the USA

    Hah! Getting to hang out with Europeans who say nasty things about Americans must be like a dream come true for Argentines. Eh, Argentina has always attracted the same sort of people. Every time Argentina's economy crashes and burns, relatively wealthy foreigners (who are just middle-class...
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    Oktoberfest in Argentina

    Yeah, but only a few. The best beer I had at the Oktoberfest was the Rojiza made by Dragon Verde. My friends and I just kept going back to his (I think the Dragon Verde company might be just the one dude) booth until he ran out of the Rojiza. He lives and brews his beer somewhere in Patagonia...
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    Grocery Stores in the USA

    You're right. I'm sorry. But we can all agree that people from Boston are the worst, right? Why are they always so damn miserable? Are there dementors flying around up there or something? Ugh, the only thing worse than Argentine food is people from Boston. ;)
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    Grocery Stores in the USA

    Hah! So great. And, unfortunately, this has already actually happened: "...At press time, however, some 10 million Los Angeles–area residents, tired of their self-centered, laid-back culture and lack of four distinct seasons, and yearning for the hustle and bustle of East Coast life, had...
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    Grocery Stores in the USA

    Amargo, try to reflect a bit on what you wrote above. Like this, for example: "It is almost considered a shame to put anything on the beef, not because goes against certain traditions, but because Argentines just dislike it." I couldn't even generalize about what the people on my city block...