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    Shipping Stuff To The Us

    Need to ship some stuff to the States in a few months. Would like to get a small container or 1/2 of one. Have more than a few suitcases. No art (a few small things, can carry those on the plane). Basically books, some kitchen stuff, clothes, no furniture. Been here close to 8 years and we...
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    Suggestions for San Martin, Bariloche, Esquel

    Does CFK own the Llao Llao now?
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    "This is your last tourist stamp."

    I'm not sure about service animals but we take our dog on United in cabin and always have to go to Senasa first and pay Senasa again in the airport. There is a recent thread about the process if you do a search. Again don't know if the same rules apply regarding service animals but to play it...
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    Looking for advice on Spanish Schools

    I highly recommend Vos Buenos Aires. They have not only group and private lessons but do a lot of cool (free) extra things like movie nights (Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles), a study session with a teacher around to ask questions, tango and yoga classes, picadas (Argentine gatherings...
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    Leaving AR with your pet....

    Yes you can fly to USA and back on United. United Airlines does if the cat or in our case dog fits under the seat and can stand in her/his bag/cage. We have done the trip round trip 10 times with 2 dogs (one per person) and sadly now after 14 years we are travelling with only one now. We...
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    Fly / spinner fishing - where should I go?

    We (my boyfriend and I) wouldn't mind meeting up for coffee and discussing rivers anytime.
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    Fly / spinner fishing - where should I go?

    Security as it getting robbed or something? No it is very safe. We usually rent a car here in Buenos Aires and drive all the way down there but we take our dog. Do you have gmail or facebook or skype so we could talk on instant messages? You could totally fly to Bariloche and then rent a...
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    Fly / spinner fishing - where should I go?

    The fly fishing season opens in Patagonia in November. What is your experience level? Do you have your own gear here? What is your budget? Do you want to go to a lodge or go yourself? We go to Patagonia fly fishing every year for 3-4 weeks a year for the last 7 years we been living here (we...
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    What crimes have you been a victim of in BA?

    I have been here 7 year and have never been robbed or a victim of a crime. I did not count a cab driver taking me around the block so to speak because that has happened in my own city (Las Vegas) if I did not tell the driver the direct route. My friend's, portenos, Argentines, and foreigners...
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    Traditional Argentine Food

    Cheff Iusef has amazing Berenjenas en escabeche.
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    best OYSTER experience in BA?!

    buying or eating? for eating I would say Barrio Coreano
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    agave nectar??

    I never seen it and have looked many times. Would like to know too.
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    Swiss Medical

    Swiss Medical
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    What do you need ?

    I just bought toasted peanut oil at the big Carrefour in Paseo Alcorta last week. It is the first time I have seen it here in 7 years.
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    Swiss Medical

    I am 32 and pay $152USD a month (official not blue rate, goes straight to my Amex card from the USA). My boyfriend is 37 and pays $195USD.