A second quarantine?

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I live 100 miles from the capital and local positive cases are starting to creep up again. If this trend continues then I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them toughen up the rules. Lately, even during busier times I've been noticing far more adults walking about town without wearing a mask. Saw a young policewoman yesterday standing outside my MIL's house with her mask slung below her chin.


Data isn't subject to bias, it's just math.
number that someone counts and number that is of any interest are two different numbers.

In this case number that they count is number of people who were at some point tested positive for covid.
But the number that is really of interest (for instance, to estimate fatality rate) is number of people who ever contracted covid.

And these 2 numbers can differ by an order of magnitude.


The good old days when the first lockdown was supposed to be for a few weeks. Something of a reboot to give health services time to prepare. During those initial first weeks, there was a very nearly complete lockdown. Is it fair to say that first lockdown did not work if we are here again almost a year later looking at going into another? If it didn't work, what will make it work this time? If it did work, why are we here again?


In my mind it would be better to focus on management of transmission. Like TB, Ebola or HIV the most effective form of prevention is first and foremost behavioral change.

Education and enforcement of basic hygeine protocols in the public space should be more effective and less costly, not banning people from the public space.

We have many parking wardens and police for example with the ability to issue fines for infractions. Instead of focusing on those illegally parked, focus on those not weakening a mask or practicing proper distancing. Have a whatsapp number where people can send photos and make denuncias which may or may not be investigated and result in fine - just like illegal parking. When people start getting heavy fines (like fines that hurt and they will be paying off for a few years...) then they start to learn and pay attention to how they behave in public.

Encourage testing paid for by the individual for those wanting to travel (board a long distance bus, a flight, checkin to a hotel etc.) Or rapid tests for those wanting to attend larger events etc (80% certainty is better than 0% when people are just going to do it anyway)

Like in Chile, these rules need to apply to everyone without exception so for once people don’t feel like they are living in a state of impunity.

The virus (nor its mutations etc) is not going anywhere soon and will not disappear just because there is a lockdown. Best to live with it and simply get the cases down to manageable levels as we do with far more deadly diseases.
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The argument is not whether coronavirus "is worse than the flu or not". It probably is worse, and time will tell. The argument is: based on what we do already know, is that it is not as bad as we thought it was going to be (as they told us it would be) when we agreed with the government to lock us down. So any government trying to lock down a second time needs to make a new case. It doesn't seem that too many citizens around the world are asking them to. What is the new case in Argentina?
The first wake of Spanish flu was not that bad. The problem was the second and third that killed over 50 million people when the population was 1/10 of todays.
The lockdown worked well in Wuhan. Now they don’t even use face masks.


Healthcare workers, here in La Plata, are discussing going on strike. They feel that if people don't care enough to follow simple precautions, then doctors, nurses and emt's, shouldn't risk their lives to care for them when they get sick.


Thinking of closing Ezeiza now?!

More power than brains. It is easier to externalizthe blame but the reality is that in the last 24 hours the entire state of Rio de Janeiro has reported 3.606 new cases and 1 new death (average daily deaths is 96 however) Not exactly as bad as they make it sound in Argentina.

Just how many Argentine residents are traveling to and from the EU right now or the US? Even here in Brazil there are very few for this time of year.
Do not understand how a border closure will help Argentina at this point especially when coming back to BAs involves not one but two PCR tests, two DDJJs and a 10 day quarantine!? Regardless, sooner or later all new strains will end up everywhere. Get over that fact and focus on cleaning up your own mess to be able to manage it when it does arrive!


Healthcare workers, here in La Plata, are discussing going on strike. They feel that if people don't care enough to follow simple precautions, then doctors, nurses and emt's, shouldn't risk their lives to care for them when they get sick.
They're not wrong.

People still drink out of the same straw. Drink out of the same cup. Hug and kiss each other. Stand within inches of you in public spaces. Don't wash their hands regularly.... soap and hand sanitizer are extra costs...