BA property investors contact network?


Feb 6, 2008
Dear all,

I am looking to set up a network of contacts, particularly amongst buyers who have bought off plan in the same new development that I have in BA. Can anyone suggest a forum where I may be able to contact such people? For reference I have bought in the Oro Tower, Palermo Viejo. Many thanks in advance.
Nice one fishface LOL.
BA_Investor my view is that Palermo is now over priced, but if you are buying because you like it there then it is as good as anywhere. Argentina is always a volatile market, so I would not buy unless you actually like it. The tax laws will probably eat up all your profits, and the beuracracy will drive you to the asylum.
We are buying in Almagro,(also off plan) quite simply because we love it. I will always defend the place because I love BsAs and its people, but this is not the land of milk and honey. Beware.
For more info on my purchase go to
Keep in touch with your progress, exchanges of information is what this site is all about.
Good Luck Bob