Baby group?


Mar 6, 2008
I am spanish, 32 and expecting my first baby girl for end of Mai and I was wondering if there is other expats mums taht want to create a baby group.
Hoping to hear from you soon!!!
Hi Lucia,
I am due in July, would love to be included in a womans baby group.
Hi Jo,If you want we can meet some day next week, I propose you at Maternelle Shop and Spa at Palermo Viejo (Thames, 1750). Lucia
Hi, I'm due in August and would like to meet up as well. Please do post the time and date and I'll try to turn up. Thanks
Hi, If you want we can meet at Maternelle (Thames 1750) at 12h00 this Saturday 12/04 (or 11h00 if you want to join the Yoga class for pregnant women). Please confirm me directly by mail ([email protected]) See you
Sorry ladies, I have not checked internet for a few days.
Would love to meet up next week if possible? I don't work so happy to do it during the week or anytime!
Besos. Jo
Hi, for me it is easy on WE as I am still working until the end of April.... let's say next Saturday, we exchange later by mail? Lucia
I will be moving to Buenos Aires March 2009 with my partner and 3 mnth old baby. Will be looking forward to joining lots of baby groups and doing lots of activities. Does anyone have any recommendations of where will be suitable to be near all the fun..Have been looking at Recoletta and Palermo, are they too touristy? Also will any of you be around when I arrive, will be nice to hang out with other Mums,(I'm 34yrs and from London, UK).
I'm moving to BA on september 1st with my boyfriend and our 4 month old baby. I would love to join your baby group if it has been established?
Hi, I have seen several posts here about baby/toddler groups but I am not sure that anyone has met up yet? I'd also be keen to meet some more mums.
I would suggest meeting at Confitería del Botánico (Av. Santa Fe and República Siria, Palermo - by the Subte D line Scalabrini Ortiz) from 11 to 11.45am this Monday 22nd September. It's a nice cafe on the corner of Santa Fe, with a few tables inside and out, and the botanical gardens and a park with swings half a block away.
I'm from the UK and will be there with my baby from 11 to 11.45, and perhaps if anyone else with kids is interested and nearby they could just come along and meet up?
Apologies for cross posting this message