Blacks in BA ?


Oct 21, 2009
I'm visiting from the US and all though I'm accustom to traveling and being one of few blacks on location, it didn't peek my interest until I wanted to get a haircut, There seems to be a very low percentage of blacks in BA? is this true or I'm I just isolated in Puerto Madero
Dude, there are like zero black people in Argentina.
No mate.i noticed that when i came to live here,not really sure why.welcome anyway
When I was first here 3yrs. ago I didn't see one black person, that's was 5 months! I do notice more black people now but not very much. I might see one black person every three days? And that's in Alto Palermo, or on Santa Fe.

I know two guys from The USA that live here who are black. One told me he gets women hitting on him all the time cause apparently it's suppose to bring good luck? Never heard that before!

I wouldn't let that stop you from visiting. :)
i usually see one or 2 selling stuff in the streets. i did see 6 blacks standing together waiting for a bus about a week ago.
Yes, there is a major shortage of Blacks in BA! I'm African American farely new here from Georgia, USA and I've only seen like a total of 10 black guys since I been here most of them from Kenya.. or African or what not.

It's interesting to see that.. I'm sure you get those looks like

"oh he's not from around here!" LOL, is it that obvious one may add ? :p

Anyhow, are you enjoying your stay here?

Btw, this is my first post here on this site, I can't believe. I just now found this! Such a wonderful thing :)
In the past 2-3 years there have been steady numbers of immigrants from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea Bissau and Ghana - they mostly live in shared houses in Flores or in the Hoteles Familiares in Constitucion - I know there's at least one afro barber among them but I can't remember where.
IT's always been a thing that I ask myself: I see blacks in Corrientes selling jewlry, I learnt they are mostly from Haiti and French speaking Africa. Some very few Cubans.

The thing is that in Montevideo, Uruguay, blacks, though a small percentage, have always lived there, before the white immigration, and are and have been for 200 years a completely accepted group.

Buenos Aires in the 1800s had a large black population, but they seem to have disappeared and is something no Argentine will talk about. I've heard that Uruguay has always been the Free side of the river, so for centuries each time someone would feel threatened in this side (for being Protestant, Politically persecuted, etc) they would just cross to Montevideo.

Also, there are no Indians and South East asians in Argentina, and I think that's a shame. But in the case of Africans I'm positive there were a lot in the 1800s so that's why I'm still rather obsessed about the isssue.

As for the haircut, what's the problem, many Italians have exactly the same curls, so barbers or hairdressers should know how to handle it... !
iStar said:
One told me he gets women hitting on him all the time cause apparently it's suppose to bring good luck? Never heard that before!

Yes I've heard the same thing! That touching a black person brings good luck!
I think that it's because there are so few. Like in Korea touching a Ginger! LOL.

btw, you wont have to worry about racism here if you're black. The oppressed racial group here is the Brownie. Actually being black you'll probably will have to be extra-careful not to be mugged as you'll be wearing "I'm a Rich American/Brazilian" on your forehead. So enjoy being in a place where that issue is upside down.