Brexit Wtf!


And people still question why people wanted to leave?


It appears to be increasingly possible and even likely that Brexit will never actually take place. The entire basis on which the 'leave' campaign won the vote has quickly been revealed to be false. Only a few days after the vote, and not one of the Brexiters is willing to stand over the claim that £350 million per day will be freed up to spend on the National Health Service, etc... They're now talking openly accepting that free trade means free movement of people, and so the central xenophobic anti-immigration plank of their campaign has vanished.

Meanwhile, with investment and funding on hold for at least two years, the pressure from business and the economy is mounting and will only grow. Tax rises and spending cuts are on the way.

Nobody has dared to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to formally start the process because it effectively means walking the plank.

It's quite possible another referendum will be called to approve a pointless, fudged, "settlement" which doesn't satisfy anybody, and it will be defeated. And all this nonsense will be over.



You are not laughing now video in which Nigel Farage tells the European parliament that virtually none of them has ever done a proper job in their lives.