Graduate School in BA


Jan 1, 2010
Hola a todos. I'm from San Diego, California but I am currently living in Buenos Aires. I am thinking of possibly attending graduate school in Buenos Aires. I have several questions about this and any wisdom and advice you may have I would greatly appreciate! Hope you all had a nice new years.

1. Right now I am studying Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires (CUI). I am in level 10 out of 10 but still my Spanish needs work. Can anyone recommend a very good, intensive Spanish school? I REALLY want to perfect it by speaking, understanding and writing it on an academic level.

2. I am thinking of going to graduate school in BA, studying international relations. Which universities would you recommend? Are there any universities that specially cater to foreigners who speak Spanish as second language? Any universities that have smaller classes and have a more intimate environment (unlike UBA)? Any university that is typically popular among extranjeros?

3. On the graduate level, are there academic support centers (such as tutoring centers) like what we have in the US?

4. Is it difficult to obtain a student visa? What is the process like and how far in advance would I have to apply?

5. Is there an equivalent to a GRE test that I would need to take?

6. Also while studying, I would like to work within the field of international relations. Any advice on how to put my foot in the door and to gain experience? Is a work visa required?

7. With regarding health insurance, are there any specific plans for students? How might I go about choosing a plan?
I don't know much about graduate schools in BA, but I just wanted to say that if you are at level 10 spanish, you will have no problem going to uni here. And that will be the best way for you to improve (if in fact you need to improve! ;) )

Have you searched the forum? There have been a few threads on attending uni in BA. Here are two that might give you a bit of info.

Good luck!
Thank you very much for your post. I will be sure to check out those threads. Any other advice, wisdom, thoughts and opinions about the BA university system on the graduate level would be greatly appreciated!! Have a great weekend.