Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

Clare EJ

Equally excited to meet up with some cool people! Kind of liked doing the solitary coffee drinking thing at first, but getting a bit bored now. From the UK and have been here about 3 weeks - planning to stay for a while, work opportunities permitting... Was the above get together a potential for this thursday the 18 sept, or next?
PS, Eden-Tree or any others living in the San Telmo area, would be up for a local coffee or wander too!


Hey there San Telmo-ites

I know Vicente Lopez is the other side of town for you guys, but if any of you would like to come to this Sundays BBQ perhaps you can split a cab (should be about 30-35 pesos) between 3 or 4 of you.
The 29 bus also comes close if you're really on a budget....

We'd love to meet ya!



I'm still up for Thursday (the 24th). If anyone wants to exchange phone numbers to avoid what happened last week at Sugars, email me and I'll give you mine: lonetomato at gmail.com.

PS. I think I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Anna, I'm 23 and from Florida. Looking forward to meeting some new people!


So it seems quite a few of us could make it next week...

Bar Uriarte, Thursday Sept 24 @ 20:30

Anna, good idea to exchange numbers..I'll write you an email now!


Anyone from Recoleta want to grab the bus to Palermo together next Thurs.? Not sure where Bar Uriarte is, but I'll google it. If so, private message me! :) Can't wait to meet you ladies!!!!!


It was great meeting up with you ladies this past Thursday (9/24). The conversation was great, the wine as well! Feel free to PM me to hang out anytime and I hope to do this again soon....


Hi everyone,

I just moved to BA a few weeks ago, am originally from Washington DC. I'm a 22 year old female and would love to meet up with any of you. Could we plan another female get together in the coming weeks??


I arrived to Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago and now that I've settled down (couple blocks from subte Aguero) I'd like to start expanding my circle of friends (well more like making the circle). I'm 24, from San Diego and will be here a year. I'm starting to take Salsa classes, went to one and had a great time. I'm going to another one tomorrow (sunday) if anyone would like to join. We could grab a cup of coffee beforehand and chat a bit.


hey ladies,

if you need some male friends in San Telmo/Montserrat, we are having an asado next Sunday for my cumple. PM me for details. We are French Canadian, English, and German Californian


FYI: im not fond of palermo (yanquivil), so i only want to meet people on the south-side or central