Hoping to Make Some Female Friends


If you plan a get-together let me know - I'd love to join! I'm 21, from the US (Baltimore) and have been here for about a month.



I´m also up for a get-together if you girls are planning one! I´m 22, I´ve been here for 1.5 years, I teach English and work and study part-time. Let me know :)


Hola ladies,

It is a relief to know that there are other women in the same position :) I am 23, from the US, and I am getting sick of hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends haha. I live in Las Canitas, and I would love to make some more girlfriends. I am a big fan of sushi...maybe we could arrange something? Let me know, besos!

Irish Cailín

Add me to the list! If there are private messages being sent.. I would also like to meet up. I am 23 and from Dublin and have been living here for a few months. Chau!


hi ladies!
i'm impressed at how many of us there are here :)
please add me to your list, too... i've been here for almost 2 months, and am from california. i've been in spanish school and am supposed to start teaching english either this month or next. so , i have lots of time to be social before i get my work schedule, lol :)


Haha ok so we clearly have this big "list" of gals who want to to meet up- Let's do it! Let's start getting responses to sunday?? Lunch, or maybe evening drink, etc? If many people say they can let's work on that- otherwise monday night? or some other evening but let's start with Sunday and work from there. Also if you can't attend we'd be happy to meet again I'm sure. :)

So lunch or a 6pm drink/coffee? Thoughts please!


Hi everybody
I am starting a job in BA at a school but I am actually not arriving for another three weeks. Maybe I could join you next time you meet up? I would be keen to meet some of you for some drinks and food.

Keep me posted

By the way I am from the UK and 28!

Sounds like we could get quite a group going on here! I'm 26, have lived in San Diego, DC, Tennessee and Georgia and am here for 6 months with my boyfriend. I'm staring Berkeley when I go back in August.
We should definitely get together sometime. I'm living in a big place conducive for large gatherings if we would like to have a small pre-party? Just a thought to get things going...:)