Hoping to Make Some Female Friends


I'm going to Mar del Plata this weekend, so I won't be able to make it on Sunday. But hopefully we'll organise another get together and I can make it to that!


Hi everyone!

I'm also thrilled to see people in the same situation as me! My name is Katie, I'm 22 and from WI. I've been here since August, teaching English and I live in Almagro. Sunday at any time would work perfectly for me!

Hope to meet you all soon!


Hey Lauren (and all),

I moved here with my boyfriend about 5 months ago and am always happy to meet new expats!! Especially if you live close by! :) I'm 23 and live in Recoleta too so if you ever want to hang out or get dinner, let me know! I plan to be here for at least another 6 months.

Also, I have the cutest puppy I bought here in Argentina and she needs some new friends too :)




Hola chicas

Sunday night works for me, too. Thanks for getting it going, KateinBA. Also, thank you, Hanna, for offering your place. It sounds like a great plan to gather there before going out, and I´d be happy to bring some wine and snacks. How does that sound to everyone else (and most importantly you, Hanna!)?

Looking forward to meeting you ladies.
Ok ladies,

As long as none of you are axe murderers, you're totally welcome over here. It's a group apartment, so a couple other people live here... meaning there will be a boy or two (including my boyfriend) roaming around. So feel free to bring whomever. If you're willing to bring over a snack and/or drink, that would be wonderful!
I live right next to the Abasto Shopping Center. I feel a little strange about posting my address for the whole webworld to see... and I'd like to get an approximate head count. So let's say you just message me directly on here (just click on my screenname and it should come up as an option) if you plan on coming and I'll tell you the address.

Hasta el domingo!


Hey Lauren!
My name is Samantha, I am from Germany and 20 years old.Like you, I am looking for someone to hang out with and experience the whole atmosphere in Buenos Aires.My apartment is near Alto Palermo.I like going out to dance,read a book,watch a movie, take a drink in an impressiv bar or just take a walk and talk about everything...So, if you want to mail me ...
I am looking forward to your response :)
My landlord is having a party here on Sunday :(

I'm so sad! I suggest we do Monday instead. Same idea... 6pm. And I'll respond to your messages soon with directions.



Hey what a shame Sunday´s out! Anyway I can´t make it Monday, but if any of you do want to do the Sunday at 6pm thing anyway, let me know :) if not, next time!!

btw I guess I should clear up that I´m 22, american, and been living here for almost 2 years studying and teaching english, among other shenanigans :)