How much more are you paying for your health (prepaga) insurance?

Which policy is that? I am looking at the Vita and Magna plans and have gotten quotes of $558 and $778. I am 72
I don't know the names of the plans, only that there is one that covers more and one that covers less (and is less expensive). I have the less expensive plan. My guess is signing up for a plan now (with nearly any insurer) is going to be pricey. I have had my plan for close to five years.
Medicus sent a letter yesterday announcing they will not be increasing their costs in May, in spite of what they had informed a few weeks ago.
I guess they don't want to yank the chain too much, given what's going on with the lawsuit hitting the other prepagas...
I saw a news report that OSDE would reduce its monthly fees by 22% from May. No direct confirmation from OSDE yet though.
The bill from Hosp. Italiano for May indicates no increase. Good news and long may it last.
It might, if this is an indication: Swiss Medical contacted me telling that, if I am interested, their prices will be locked until October