Laptops & Working for UK company


Mar 30, 2006
I wonder if anyone can give me some advice, I need to bring two laptops to BA for my work, I will be working remotely for a UK company as a web developer, they aren't setting up a company in BA or anything like that, I'm just allowed to work from wherever I want to. I've read about people encountering problems at customs with bringing electronics into the country, now my two laptops are obviously used, am I likely to run in to a problem? Additionally I kind of assumed there were no legalities involved in what I intend to do - I'm just arriving, no work or student visa or anything, I assumed that as my employment is in the UK, and I do not intend to source work in Argentina, that I shouldn't have any immigration issues, am I completely wrong? Thanks for any advice, Dan
I've read answers to similar questions on other forums regarding Argentina.It is highly unlikely that they'll want to bother you cause you have two laptops. It's funny, since you will be staying here for some time and working you need to say at the immigration/visa inspection gate that you're here as a tourist but then when you hit the customs gate then if they ask you about your laptops then you'll need to tell them that one of those belongs to your employer. Best of luck
I brought two laptops and no castellano skills with me and just smiled at customs. There was no trouble. I did put one of them in a bag with clothes and other assorted things, though. When one broke, and I received a replacement from my employer in New York, I did not have to pay an import duty, which I had feared. Try to avoid such a situation, as it still takes hours to retreive electonrics from customs at the airport. One most go back and forth between many offices to retreive them. It's like I'd imagine Soviet Russia to be, but with more smiles from bureaucrats, who thought it was cute that I did not speak the language aside from apologizing for not speaking it. The previous poster seems to be correct in everything based on my limited experience. I would no not even hint at immigration that you will be working here. I don't consider myself working here, as the work is logged on a secure server in the states. The computer and I just happen to located in Buenos Aires for a few months. The three-month limit on toursist visas still applies to "non-working" people who are not really tourists, though.
Regarding that whole mess at the airport when having things sent here, that stuff only happens if you use Federal Express or Fedex as it's called, I have been told that it is a piece of cake if you use certain other common services. I'll post some more information on that tomorrow since I don't posess the knowledge myself.
Yes a friend of mine has used the United States Postal Service many times to recieve items from the US and according to him it has always been practicly a piece of cake, he only used Fedex once to recieve items and that was the only time he had to pay customs and went through the same thing "abitlost" described.
Thanks for the advice both of you - it's put my mind at rest a little, just hope the internet is working as promised in my apartment now.. otherwise I think I will be spending rather a large amount of time in internet cafes for my first week!Dan
If your internet is a bit on the failing side, I think I have some sites bookmarked with directions to local internet cafes. I'm subletting from a most-wonderful friend who did everything possible to ensure internet would be in place upon my arrival, but there were a few snags with internet installation. Send a message if you have trouble, and I can email you links to a few helpful places with directories of public access. I found it hard to find internet places without internet, despite locutorios. I suspect that I am simply under-clever. This is a great city, but, in my limited experience some "internet cafes" don't really work, save on the cafe side. For example, at my favorite one in Palermo Soho, I always borrowed the upstairs neighbors' lynksis. Please bear in mind that I am not an expert in anything and have a small sample set in these and all local matters.
Just an update for anyone who is interested, I did indeed coast through no questions asked - in fact when i started to take my coat off to put through the scanner at customs at EZE the guy just waved his hand as in 'nah don't bother' :D Internet in the apartment was as suspected.. uninstalled, but with a lot of help from a great guy who works for the landlord - broadband was installed at 6pm yesterday! Pretty quick speeds too. For the two days I was without (and with an impending deadline) I spent a lot of time in internet cafes, the first was on Santa Fe between Fitzroy and Bonpland - pretty rough and ready but did the job. However the second was great, a big restaurant that I'm sure lots of people here already know of called Bar Magno, on Gorriti between Fitzroy and Humbolt - rather than being an internet cafe, it's a bar/restaurant with free :) wi-fi - and made me a very happy guy!

So am all connected up and ready to go for the next three months, all I need now is a few drinking buddies (coffee or alcohol) so if you are up for that, give me a shout!Dan
What is needed to have a US laptop work down there. My DC Plug says 100-240v & 50-60mhz so I know it has the ability but what do I need to buy to make sure it can plug in?