new from los angeles


Sep 28, 2008
i'm angie from los angeles.
my husband and i moved here in january. we plan on staying for a few years or perhaps indefinetley.
i am currently 6 months pregnant and will be having the baby here in bsas.

hello everyone!
hi angie,

i'm also an angie, but from seattle. we (husband and boys, ages 8 and 5) moved here just a month ago with some friends. welcome and hope that your pregnancy goes well here!

thank you!

are you guys here permanently or just temp?

my hubby is starting all kinds of business here so i guess we are here long term, that's good & bad to me. :)i miss my family & friends. :(

anyway, thanks for the welcome!!
hi angie,

transitions are stressful! lots of changes for sure. how do you like it here so far? we are here indefinitely as well. with everything going on in the world economy these days, everything feels up in the air.
what kind of businesses are your husband into?

lmk if you need anything, being prego and all in a foreign country!


Hi angie,

I'm Keri. My boyfriend and I moved here from LA three months ago. We will also be here indefinitely, at least two years. For now, our family consists of the two of us and our dog tyler (we lost our other dog two months ago). We are really interested in meeting people so if you or anyone else here is interested, please let us know.
Best, Keri
thank you aymaeda for your kind words. i am slowy adapting to my new home. i await the day i am totally comfortable here.

hi keri. where in LA are you from?
what are you guys doing here? maybe we can meet up for coffee or lunch or dinner soon?
Hi angie,

We'd love to meet up with you guys, especially before your little one comes. I'm not pregnant, but the idea is sounding fun.
I'm an LA eastsider, most recently having a little house in Eagle Rock. I lived there for 9 years and miss it a lot.
Yes, let's get together. And if anyone else would like to join, please do, we are really interested in meeting people.
My email is [email protected]

thanks, keri
Hey. I know how overwhelming it can be at first. I moved here with LOTS of in-laws waiting and it's still hard to get used to. I lived in Culver City (Overland & Venice) for a year. Send me a note if you have any questions.

Hi Angie,

Are you and your husband going to be at any of the election events tomorrow? We're going somewhere, not sure where exactly, and we'd love to meet you guys if you'll be out. Best , Keri