New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

'many of them ethnic Chinese, people who work 3 times harder than lazy Argentines with their ridiculous "holidays" every other week...

What does that tell you about this country?'

That although slothful, frivolous, and not too bright, they are more savvy than people think.
Seems to be easier now to apply for citizenship because as soon as the decree requires legal residencia (green card) and the legal competency of the judge cannot be delegated in the Executive Power, I m asking judges to order immigration to provide a DNI to full fit the new requirements, and it must be for free according to the free of fees principle of the citizenship procedure.

There was a new precedent last week in this way.

The second consequence is that the files has to be update to the new decree, so, it takes some time.

However, even it is still possible to get citizenship without previos legal residencia, now amateurs are out of business.
Dr. Bajo,

Could you tell us what the current situation is? Can someone without a DNI apply for citizenship after residing in Argentina for 2 years?
Yes. I m applying for citizenship with days in Argentina.

The new decree is so ridiculous that judges are ignoring it. There are only 2 judges in the country who enforce it and I suspect that they participated in the draft.

Mr. President is pushing so much judges that Venezuela looks like a Republican super democracy country, and the judges are rebelling.
All the new precedents I m having are reversing the previous restrictive precedents (it is possible in our legal system).

In the last 12 months 8 appeals before Supreme Court were granted.