Pancake breakfast?


Dec 2, 2006
Every once in a while I have a craving for an American-style pancake breakfast; hot cakes, sausage, lots of syrup, the works. Has anyone found a restaurant here in BA that serves this stuff? (It's just not the same home-cooked.)
Gracias! Brad
"bradhapa" said:
Every once in a while I have a craving for an American-style pancake breakfast; hot cakes, sausage, lots of syrup, the works. Has anyone found a restaurant here in BA that serves this stuff? (It's just not the same home-cooked.)
Gracias! Brad
My husband has been here for 3 years, I am a big fan of american breakfast and we couldn't find a good one anywhere ( that is why I cook our own usually during the weekends ) The one the have at TGI Fridays, five star hotels, and some coffee stores has nothing to do with it imho...
Btw. this could be a very profitable business idea!
There was a place here - a chain of diner style restaurants that served pancakes however I think they disappeared during the crisis. The closest you will come to American style breakfasts is probably in 5 star hotels and there it is usually buffet style with only tired scrambled eggs.
Thanks for the replies. If anyone decides to open up a diner I'll happily be your first customer! (Bagels would be a successful offering, too.)Un brazo,Brad
Yeah but they're the once with dulce de leche not maple syrup... also I believe they are technically crepes not pancakes (difference of thickness and amounts of flour / eggs used)
What about Mark's Deli -- do they do them? Haven't ever looked on the menu for them, but they may just be the place...
Hmm maybe we need to open an eggspectations franchise here... anyone game?
BTW -- stupid question -- what's the difference between pancakes and hotcakes? Is this just an American / Canadian difference (I don't remember ever seeing hot cakes back home but maybe in different provinces they are different things!) Is it a difference of thickness again?
Curses on you Brad, now after thinking about all that breakfast I have to go make myself some eggs benedict!! (Anyone have an English muffin? ;)
omg syngirl, i just visited teh eggspectaitions website, yummiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I think the difference between hotcakes and pancakes is teh size - hotcakes are smaller, about 10 cm diameter, whilst pancakes are bigger, about 20-25 cm diameter....whatever, I am glad to always have handy some maple syrup - we make sure our family sends some every couple fo months - also, a good item to bring if you are relocating is a good waffle iron - I got mine down here a couple of years ago, and it was not wasy to find!V
I thought this thread was going to be about a pancake breakfast, where you have big griddle and charge money for pancakes, bacon, sausages, eggs, hashbrowns etc... It's normally done as a charity event for hockey teams or fundraising to buy more snow removal equipment.

If you have one, I'll come but it has to be decent portions and I also want coffee, juice or milk. Yeah! A big glass of milk.

I wonder if McDonalds serves breakfast? I need to get up before 11 am and check sometime.
A group Pancake Breakfast sounds really good! But I don't need it to be for a charitable cause. The food is enough of its own reward for me. If anyone wants to host such an event, I'll pick up the maple syrup (Jumbo sells it). Brad
Hey Brad --
I was just reading Dan Perlman's blog -- -- and guess what -- just last week he ended up at a Pancake house.
The link wouldn't past in properly so I just copied & pasted his text below (try this link as well :
As luck, serendipity, and/or fate would have it, the next spot on the block was Lo de Carlitos, Scalabrini Ortiz 114, which looked like a modern, shiny clean café, with a more or less open kitchen - a young man cooking away behind a large glass window. And there we were, back at the Magic Pan (at least for me), without the faux French country inn decor. Page after page of the menu offered up combinations of panqueques, slightly thicker than a traditional crepe, but nowhere near what we think of as a pancake. You can select from any of the several hundred combinations offered (most of which are named after various Argentine historical figures), or make up your own from any of dozens of ingredients that include different cheeses, vegetables, sausages and cured meats, other meats, eggs… the list goes on. The crepes are quickly cooked to order, and you can watch yours being made should you desire to do so (also various combinations for supremas, hamburgers and lomitos are offered, should you for some bizarre reason want a sandwich rather than a crepe). They’re filled, and served - the table preset with the ubiquitous mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and salsa golf bottles. Not necessary, the crepes are just darned good on their own, and worth making the trip even if you don’t need to buy any leather.
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