Another step you could take is check your options with Galeno, maybe in their site or the "Cartilla".

I have good rapport from AA too. Someone very close to me was sober for more than 20 years with their help, I don´t know why I didn´t think of them in the first place!
I believe it is important that you are aware that rehab treatments for alcohol and drug addiction are mandatory in the country for all private and union health insurance companies, so they MUST provide treatment. It does not matter whether you are here legally or not.
Lee, I don´t know if your Spanish is ok or not, if you need any help I can call your insurance company on your behalf, just PM me if anything.
Like the sticker on my motorcycle helmet says, "Rehab is for quitters!!"
The phrase IS funny.. Lee, my appologies to you, and I hope you find your help.
Stella-Negra, you willfully misinterpreted my response. I wonder why you would join a community forum and immediately become so incendiary...? But, that's not the topic at hand.

Of course recommending acupuncture doesn't make you closed-minded. What DOES is that you called AA a cult and discouraged someone who needs help - an absolute stranger - from trying it. I'm neither religious nor an alcoholic, but that doesn't mean I can't fully support someone's choice if that's what works for them. No one is asking YOU to do AA, or invoke a higher power. So, once again, my point is: who are you to tell someone else NOT to?
Lee - best of luck to you on this. I don't have Galeno but have some friends that do, I will ask if they have any recommendations and PM them to you.
Lee said:

No, I prefer to go with something a bit more scientific and medically supervised.

Don't think that acupuncture will do it.

I am moving to BA from New York in Jan., not sure why that would be important here. But, do not sleep on Acupuncture. I can walk because of it after years of suffering with back issues. I'm even playing sports again. Just an FYI. Acupuncture is a proven science.
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