If you have insurance try calling their " Atencion al Asociado" and ask directly for doctors or clinics for rehab, or what the procedure is in order to do it. Medicus has two doctors listed under " Toxicologia " but I don´t know what your insurance is (?) Some places most likely provide such treatments at their psychology/psychiatry services.
Hey Lee -- are you open to AA? I know that there are AA meetings quite a few places around the city and there are some in English, but it's not everyone's cup of tea -- you might be able to find some ads for them in the Buenos Aires Herald.

Unfortunately the only other rehab places I have heard of are celeb associated -- ie Charly Garcia did some rehab in Lujan, and Celeste Cid went to the Instituto Fleni.

Which insurance are you on? OSDE usually lists doctors, but for Alcoholism / Drug treatment they say the following:

Para acceder a las prestaciones contempladas para el tratamiento de la drogadependencia o el alcoholismo, deberá comunicarse al teléfono 4510-5547 donde será orientado sobre el tratamiento a seguir. Dichas prestaciones , serán brindadas a través de los prestadores que OSDE tiene contratados a tal fin.


Barring that, one of my friends is a psychologist and may have contacts for you (he specialises in overeating and obesity but probably has professional contacts for you).
Hola Lee:

This one is located in Entre Rios:

It´s religious but as far as I know they don´t "try to convert you"... but of course that evaluation is up to you or the person who is in need of rehab. The site is in Spanish and I don´t know if they have billingual staff. I know is very prestigious and probably expensive...

Best wishes!
Oh, Stella-Negra. Hello and welcome to our little expat/tourist family. I can see you're the kind of relative that is so open minded she's actually among the most closed minded of the bunch!

The "AA cult," as you call it, is not for everyone. Not everyone is comfortable invoking a 'higher power' and using it, whatever it is - AA doesn't tell you what it should be - to help him or herself through a very difficult and deeply personal problem. Luckily, for those people who do not find what they need in AA, there are other options available.

However, your label is incredibly ignorant and disrespectful for those who find solace and meaning in this extended network of people so uniquely qualified to offer support and hope to each other as they all struggle with the same issue.

Many people with addiction/obsession issues need to replace one with another, and although it may seem like a 'cult' to you because of the deep level of involvement of its members and the encouragement to believe in a higher power, having an understanding community will always be a more healthy outlet than drinking.

Lee, I wish you the best of luck with whatever type of treatment you seek. Remember, it has to be right for YOU for it to work.