Residency Advantages


Mar 24, 2009
I have read may tips here on how to apply for residency. However I have never seen any discussion on the pro or cons of doing so. What are the advantages of having residency and what are the downsides? I can think of points both pro and con. To be honest I think there are more cons than pros but I would like to here what others think.
I think the answer is simple. If you have residency, you don't have to go to migraciones or Colonia every 90 days to renew the tourist visa. When you have permanent residency your worldwide income is "subject" to taxation in Argentina, but a "creative" accountant can save you far more than he charges.
With residency you can also get your DNI (National Identification Document), which is helpful for bank accounts, utilities, contracts, cheaper national airfares, etc, etc.
Are DNI applications even being processed for foreigners at this time?
Steve, not sure about new applications, but we renewed our DNIs a couple of weeks ago. No issues. They give only 200 numbers every morning so you have to get there early (before 10am). Then its a matter of waiting in queue. It took us about 2.5 hrs to get through.
Thanks, LivingLargeBA. I had no problem renewing, either. I was wondering about new applicants....
I was told by a lawyer he could get a new dni application appt within 3 months....I think some hands just need to be greased.
Residence means you don't have to go through migraciones to renew. You can pay all your bills, get bank accounts etc.

Only benefit of a DNI as far as I can figure out is the ability to use it as ID and get discounted flights. If you don't need the ID, and aren't desperate for flights I'm not sure what the benefit is, although I might be missing something...
Also, ski passes and national parks are heavily discounted with a DNI.

I also believe you can have a much more favorable tax structure. Maybe one days we should start a thread on that?