What Is The Usual Percentage Increase For Rentals?


I thought in the two year contracts the increase in rent must be stipulated in the contract. Usually it goes up the second year.


inflation this year is pushing 40% they probably want to follow that rate but wages didn´t so you can probably negociate.


restaurant owners are not increasing dish prices despite increase of 40% in the prices of raw materials.

this is because customers have stopped eating in restaurants.

so what does it show?

Rich One

It will vary from LL to LL. Make sure you do the math on the increases, especially if you're planning to be here longer, as sometimes doing a smaller one every 6 months will work out to more in the long run, since 10% every 6 months is more than 20% a year.
For all you Finance math Experts ! What is the Total yearly interest rate formula (since its not Additive) for lets say a 15 % increase every six months ?