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Hello everyone,

As ex-pats, the language barrier can sometimes be a frustrating one for us; I hope we can all help each other in the quest for knowledge. I was thinking that this thread could be a great place for us all to share the favorite word that we have learned that day. If you have not yet learned a word today, this can be a great place to come and find something useful.

Today I learned the word for shell (for an egg or nut): cáscara


Not a word, rather a say : quien no llora, no mama
From the tango 'Cambalache': "el que no llora no mama y el que no afana es un gil"
afanar: robar
gil: idiota, tonto

Cambalache has great lyrics, it contains universal truths. It's good for learning some lunfardo and argentino too.


ctru said:
I am surprised David, I was expecting you to present the word Kilombo ;)
I put my hands up here - I've lead a very sheltered life and despite my Oxford dictionary, my 'Diccionario del habla de los Argentinos' and Google Translate I have no idea what 'Kilombo' means. And I'm afraid of asking the nice people around me in case of what it might mean. Help me out here, guys!