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    New to BA...Big city..Lonely at times and would like to meet some new people

    Hi, Neeta! Welcome to Buenos Aires! I'd love to meet for some coffee or drinks and maybe plan some sightseeing as well:) I've been living here for a while now, but still haven't connected very much :( Inbox me if you're up to something! xx
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    Any Barefoot Runners out there?

    First of all: Omg I'm actually THRILLED that I was able to find someone who have read Born to Run here in Buenos Aires! Seriously, I'm like jumping on my chair out of excitement! haha I've been rereading it now after having injury after injury last year and I'm falling in love with it all over...
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    Cottage cheese

    I've looked for it everywhere and can't find it! Every time I try to explain it to anyone or translate it on google it always shows like "ricotta cheese" :( Anyone had better luck?
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    Looking for Portuguese private lessons

    Hey guys ;) I'm brazilian and used to be a portuguese teacher in High School for 4 years back in Brazil and was teaching private lessons when I was living in the US. The only thing is I don't have all my current material with me, although that could be arranged! Tell me what you guys think...
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    I would like to introduce myself...

    I don't know how it is for people from outside of the "MERCOSUR agreement"... since I'm from Brazil, the guy from the immigration center pretty much offered me the permanent residency (which I didn't even know you could get that easily)... hope you can figure that one out ;)
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    Just Arrived/ Upcoming Concerts

    Omg, Foster The People is gonna be here? lol I've just felt really left out now! Thanks for sharing that, would love to see them live!
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    I became expat out of tourist

    Loved your story, Timi! I was a spinning instructor back in NY and was teaching some classes here myself... since I started seriously running, it kind of took a back seat in my life :( It'd be nice to get to know other fitness folks around here! :)
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    Hang out

    Wow this forum used to have some more action d:
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    Hang out

    Hey guys, who's up for some hanging out this weekend? Maybe something happy hourish?
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    Just got to Buenos Aires!

    Hi! A new yorker, that's great ;) I've lived in between NY and NJ for about 2 years :) Have you met anyone here at all? Shall we set up a meet up for some coffee or something? xx
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    Newcomer in Buenos Aires!!!

    Hey, it looks I've just missed this one :( Anyone setting up another meet up soon?
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    New to Buenos Aires!

    Hey, kind of picking this thread up from nowhere... maybe a bit too late, but have you guys managed to meet up at all? Is anyone still up for it? :)
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    Friendly Scottish girl looking for new amigas!

    Omg you guys are planning on meeting at 8pm?! I don't even get home 'till 9:45ish... Then shower, get ready n all that jazz, I wouldn't be able to get there 'till like 11pm.(Being highly optimistic) lol. I guess I'm gonna have to pass :(
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    Looking for gym

    Oh I guess so... I've actually been a member since June 2010, but I went on vacation for the whole summer and when I came back my membership was canceled, so I had to re-do it. I guess it must be it then!
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    Friendly Scottish girl looking for new amigas!

    Oh awesome! Is this the place? " La Maison on Honduras, Palermo Hollywood "? Is it confirmed? :)