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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Buquebus? I think they still run twice a week. Does anyone know if non residents can enter Uruguay? Wondering if I can fly to MVD from the US and then get to BA on the ferry
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    anyone traveling to NYC?

    100% agree. As much as I hate to dissuade people from helping others, I have to say doing this would be a terrible idea. Narcos can hide drugs in anything these days, and no one is going to believe a person who says they had no idea and where just trying to help.
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    EZE waiting and arriving

    I flew out on the 4th. Maybe 20 minutes outside. Airline check in was quick because I used the Verifly app (I think this is only for American Airlines), which put me in a separate line even shorter than the first class line. Security was a breeze. Migraciones was the longest, 30 to 45 minutes.
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    Those who left BA must stay where they are until May 31

    My coworkers said some of the K talking heads are already discussing the possibility of extending. No one from the government is saying it. But I think the K shills are already laying the groundwork/justification for extending when the time comes.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    I am on the same flight. What have you heard about the flight getting scrapped? I hadn't seen anything yet
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    Standing in line.

    My experience here with lines has been OK, not terrible not great. I've had a few people blatantly cut the line, an obvious street drunk almost attacked me when I told him to get to the back of the line. But in general people have been OK about lines. Certainly some oblivious people, but once...
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    Credit cards for temporary residents? Building credit history?

    According to Santander they don't issue to temporary residents. I have one as a temporary resident but this is basically Santander doing a favor to the company I work at as they are a big client. When I first went to apply for the card they dismissed me out of hand. My company's HR department...
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Does anyone know what the requirements are to depart Argentina on a flight? Negative PCR test I assume. Do I have to download any apps/get any more permissions?
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    This seems to cover through the end of April.
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    Lack of seafood in Argentina

    Anyone know the translations for these fish? I know merluza but most of the others I'm not sure of
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    Visit Visa to be opened. WHEN !?

    My guess is this only applies to people from countries that have visa free travel with Argentina. Probably a different situation for those who need to apply for a visa beforehand. Most people on here are from the US/EU so wouldn't take that into consideration.
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    Buying a new car

    If you have a dollar denominated account here then you can send yourself dollars using transferwise and receive dollars.
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    Which State?

    I'm currently working on this and am waiting on a full consultation with a lawyer. But essentially what I've been told is I will need to have two wills. One in Argnetina for assets here and one in the US for assets in the US. Will update with more info once I have the full consultation.
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    Foreign clothing companies which successfully deliver to Arg?

    My wife ordered from Shein. The first time it worked well, they sent using DHL and DHL handled all of the trámites. The second time they sent it through normal mail and correo argentino has made it almost impossible to get the package. I followed the instructions on the form online. When I went...
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    TexMex Salsa in CABA

    Does anyone know where to buy good flour tortillas for burritos? All the ones I have bought here are either too small or break super easily.