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    Cash And Climbing...

    Hi All, Used to live in BsAs 2009 - 2012 and back to visit in a couple of weeks. Guess a lot has changed so have a few questions.. - What's the deal with money these days? ATMs working or $$$ down the cueva still the best way to go? - Any good rock climbing / bouldering gyms around barrio norte...
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    Caving On A Sunday In Palermo / Belgrano...

    Afternoon! Me and my friend 'Benjamin' need to find a good reliable cave open on a Sunday in Palermo / Belgrano ;) Feel free to point me in the direction of any previous posts or send me a PM. Sauldos! D.
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    Taxi From Ezeiza With Usd?

    Hi All, Quick question - do taxi drivers accept USD nowadays in Bs As and if so, at what kind of rate? Also how much is the standard ride from Ezeiza now? Thanks in advance for any help! D.
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    For sale - Hand Blender & Ladies Bag by Puro

    Blender has been sold but the Puro bag is still available. Needs to go tomorrowif anyone is interested! Cheers, Ed
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    For sale - Hand Blender & Ladies Bag by Puro

    Deal all, Can I interest you in the following..... Ladies Handbag by Puro – Brand new. Medium to large sized ladies bag from Puro, a boutique selling bags and shoes in Palermo known for their distinctive designs – see This brand is popular with designers and...
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    Landlady & Deposit...potential problems..

    Hi Guys...thanks for the advice. We met with the owner and verbally agreed to get the money the day we move out. I think she had been ill advised by a friend/rental agency who told her she was crazy to give us the money bacck on the day - i looked into it and apparently owners do sometimes hold...
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    Landlady & Deposit...potential problems..

    Hi All, So familiar story....we are due to move out of our temp rent in a few days and already the landlady is starting to make worrying sounds about our substantial deposit. She sent a text today saying that "it is usual to give the deposit back some days later so I can check everything is...
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    For sale - 'playera' bike - perfect for bs as!

    I need to sell my trusty stead as I am leaving Argentina. It is a typical 'playera' bicycle with 26 inch wheels and is dark green. I purchased it new in May 2011. It has no brakes (backpeddle to stop) and is single speed (not many hills here). It does have pedals, a comfy seat, handlebars and...
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    Residency at BA Migraciones, September 2011 update

    Great info! I went recently and was in and out in 90 mins. I just the Nro. expediente in the website and it came back with the following: Estado: RESUELTO DESDE EL 22/09/2011 Disposición: 197211 - 22/09/2011 Delegación: SEDE CENTRAL - Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 Anybody know...
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    Residency through marriage WITHOUT valid tourist visa

    Since getting married I let my tourist visa expire but have finally collected all the papers together and am ready to apply for my residency and DNI. Has anybody had experience of getting this without the tourist visa? I was thinking it could be worth a shot to save a trip to Uruguay but maybe...
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    General Police Check Requirements/UK Police Checks

    Interesting that you mention they expire quickly....I've been trying to find out how long the documents are valid for as mine are coming up to 1 year old and not sure whether to try with them or just start again. Any ideas? Cheers!
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    Documents for residency - best before date?!

    Another dull residency papers question I'm afraid but would be grateful if anyone has been in a similar situation and can help out... Basically I am going to be submitting papers for residency shortly and as I was planning on doing this last year, I have my UK birth certificate and criminal...
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    Flight/residence question!

    hmmmm...tempted to try the local ticket. I heard that if you do online check-in with LAN and take only carry on luggage you can get through OK. Has anyone tried this and what was the outcome? And also, if you did get busted, did you just pay the difference or have to buy a new ticket?
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    Flight/residence question!

    I am planning on flying to Salta the day after we have our civil wedding and am wondering whether this would qualify me for resident rates on the flights (1000 peso return instead of 2000!) The LAN website has the following statement: IMPORTANT: These fares are only available to RESIDENTS of...
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    HELP! Catering recommendations!

    Hi Guys, We are having our civil wedding at the end of the month and are planning on having a small celebration/lunch afterwards during the afternoon for about 40 people. We have found a place we may hire but it requires bringing in external caterers. Has anybody done this and got...