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    The Club Sandwich Index

    So, according to the recently released Club Sandwich Index, at least one item dropped in price since last year here in BA. :) But really, who pays US $10.37 for a club sandwich in BA?
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    I'll chime in for Dr. Craig Penny at Family Chiropractic in Las Cañitas. My wife and I see him and he's fixed us both up nicely. From what I understand, he doesn't follow the traditional pain-management philosophy, but I don't really know what his philosophy is. Whatever it is, it's been helpful.
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    Expats In Belgrano

    Belgrano is definitely a more low-key and family-friendly area. You'd be fine there. However, we live in Las Cañitas and prefer it to Belgrano overall. It's quieter during rush hour (maybe always quieter?), packed with a variety of stores and restaurants, very active with families, extremely...
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    Hello I Have Some Questions About Getting The Apostille

    For section 3, I'd suggest sending along a self-addressed, self-enclosed envelope for them to use to send back your documents. In that case, just write "SASE" where it says Delivery Method and leave the rest of that section blank. I had actually enclosed an envelop with tracking number and they...
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    Hello I Have Some Questions About Getting The Apostille

    Also, the address up top is where they will send the apostilled document. I used my BA address and they mailed it directly to me. If you want it to go to you Dad, then enter his address.
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    Hello I Have Some Questions About Getting The Apostille

    You can leave that field blank or enter "Individual." Here's an example from Florida State University:
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    Specific Xoom Questions

    Search the forums. These questions have been answered many times on other threads.
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    Planning For Eze

    I agree with Kerriem, except that I don't see the need for wearing or washing the new clothes. You're allowed to bring new clothes "for yourself" into the country. Just take tags off. And definitely use a suitcase.
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    Specific Xoom Questions

    1) Yes, that's correct. 2) No. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm 3) I use Xoom all the time, but if I had easy access to dollars I wouldn't use it all. Don't be afraid of buying pesos with dollars. There are plenty of threads on this site about where to go to do it. This is normal and not new. Once you hit...
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    Killing Time In Colonia

    Depends on the time of day you are there. - Take your driver's license and rent a scooter. - Go up the lighthouse. - After 2pm (when they open), eat a very relaxing lunch and read at Lentas Maravillas out in the backyard that overlooks the dock. - Walk around the peninsula. - Don't take the...
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    Abandoned Dog And Cat For Adoption

    She's really cute. Too bad we can't take her. I hope you find someone. And good on you for taking her in!
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    Transferring Funds To The U.s.

    Haha! Close. It's Charlie Townsend, thus "Charlie's Angels." :)
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    Obamacare: Do Expats Need To Buy Health Insurance?

    I've since learned that it's all related to your IRS filing status. "The PPACA [Obamacare] exempts American expats living abroad from the penalty tax" if they qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Here's the actual form too: "Americans living...
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    Obamacare: Do Expats Need To Buy Health Insurance?

    As long as you discuss the elements of the law with them, they are for it. But call it "ObamaCare" and they're enraged.
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    Obamacare: Do Expats Need To Buy Health Insurance?

    Yes, we come back during week 32, so all is good. Airlines typically allow flying up to 36 weeks with a doctor's approval. She'll be traveling during the 7th month, so really 6 months +. We've checked. It won't cover much, so any emergencies would destroy us. Thanks for thinking to ask.