Airbnb payments in USD


I'm a newly arrived tourist from the U.S. I found a hotel online, but the website I used generates the price in USD by taking the hotel's ARS rate and converting to dollars at the official exchange rate. So I talked to the hotel owner who told me his exchange rate (not quite the blue rate, but okay) and I paid cash USD.
I'd like to use Airbnb to rent a short term apartment but Airbnb doesn't allow cash payment. So the question is, how does Airbnb generate the listed price for an apartment? I tried emailing an Airbnb apartment owner here in BA and asking if I could pay cash, but they said no. I guess I'm still in the dark. Is it possible for a dollar-based person like me to rent an Airbnb and get the blue rate?
I have a flat I rent through Airbnb one thing you can try is to rent some days by Airbnb and if the owner agrees to rent outside Airbnb and pay cash but they usually wants dollars but it all depends on the person. In my case I have Payoneer but I have to go to an atm in Uruguay to get dollar bills. Thousands of owners are willing to rent a flat and there are good ones at good price I have seen apartments in new blocks with excellent style and swimming pool for 20 or even less and well located.