Argentine Movie Recommendations


Dec 16, 2009
I've been trying to watch Argentine movies to improve my Castellano (in the hope that I can turn off the subtitles soon) and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good ones. I've seen only a few so far and loved La Suerte Esta Echada and Nueve Reinas.
I know that the internet has a bazillion 'Top 10 Argentine Movies of All Time' lists, but I'd love to hear some of your favourites.
"La patagonia rebelde". Old (70s) but good. Tells the true story of a series of workers strikes in patagonia in the 1920 that ended in a slaughter.

"Historias minimas". A slow paced movie that tells three different "small" stories that at some point get connected, also set in patagonia.

"Juan Moreira". One of the few good gaucho movies there is. Tells the story of the gaucho Juan Moreira as he goes from outlaw to politics and back.

"Los siete locos". Based on the book of Roberto Arlt, tells the story of a group of (7) mad men as they try to make a revolution.

"Esperando la carroza". A comedy about a middle class argentine family in the 80s and all the problems that come out when granma is mistaken for dead. Its one of my favorites but maybe a foreigner wont relate to the family as much and may not find it so funny, plus the dialogs may be hard to understand.

"El secreto de sus ojos". The latest hit of argentine cinema, i haven't seen it yet, but i heard its quite good. Is nominated for the oscar in the foreign films category.

Hope this helps.
I liked 'Bonbón - El Perro'. It doesn't have many dialogs (which may be good when someone is not that fluent - but great pictures and has a fine ironic Argentine humour.
Check out the films of Pablo Trapero like Mundo Grua and Familia Rodante as well as others.
Just because no one mentioned it as of yet, "La Historia Oficial" so far the only latin american flick to have busted into the oscars. Good for history, a slice of ARG culture, and a look at the then budding career of the Grande Dame of argie cine, Norma Leandro.
Thank you so much, everyone!
(shuffles off to taringa)
I'm recommending "El Aura" by the same writer/director of "Nueve Reinas" (who unfortunately died a few years ago).
Also "El Fondo del Mar" and "Tiempo de Valientes" by writer/director Damián Szifrón.
And last but not least, "Los Paranoicos" by Gabriel Medina. That pretty much sums up all my favorite local films. Great stuff in there.

"El Secreto de sus Ojos" is certainly the Argentine flick of the moment and it's also awesome.
I don't watch many Argentine movies, but 'Tetro' is about 3/4 English 1/4 Castellano, and is really a great movie that was set in and filmed in Buenos Aires.