Argentine Movie Recommendations

My favorites:
Historia Oficial. (1985, dir. Penzo) Aptly described above...tragic and true...Oscar award for best foreign film, to be watched when in thoughtful rather than romantic mood.
El Secreto de Tus Ojos (2009, dir. Campanella) Starring my favorite Argentine actor, Ricardo Darin...haunting, tragic...
Un Novio para Mi Mujer (2008, dir. Taratuto) At last a comedy...Valeria Bertuccelli as the whiny bitch who is transformed when she gets a job and a lover--courtesy of her husband...a riot, happy ending
La Luna de Avellaneda (2004, dir. Campanella) Ricardo Darin stars, but his costar Eduardo Blanco won the awards (and film won various other awards) ...Drama about the lives of those in a social club in La Boca) Here's a love scene:
Camila (1984, dir. Bemberg) Based on true story of the daughter of wealthy BA family who runs away with a Jesuit priest in mid-19th C. . to set up school in interior...while family tries to hunt them down (don't want to give away ending).
La Patagonia Rebelde (1974, dir. Olivera) Touching romance across social classes on an estancia)
MISS MARY is a splendid Argentine-British production starring Julie Christie. It´s about 50% Spanish 50% English. A penetrating look at the life of an upper class family just before Peron gained power.

CAMA ADENTRO was produced a few years ago and is a wonderful film about the difficulty of an upper middle class woman who must adapt to the economic crisis.

CAMILA is based on a true story of a 19th century priest who falls in love with a woman´s a soap opera from there on. Partly filmed at LA BAMBA estancia in San Antonio de Areco.

BESOS EN LA FRENTE is a sensitive and entertaining film starring the GREAT Uruguayan actress, China Zorrilla.
Kamchatka was Argentina's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars in 2002. Stars Ricardo Darin and Celicia Roth. Story of a family escaping persecution during the last dictatorship. Highly recommended.
"La Rabia" very underrated A. Carri independent film. For demanding people who like contemplative cinema
many excellent movie recommendations! all my favorites have been listed, so, how about a TV series? have you seen "los simuladores"? i love it. it's really fun to watch.
I just saw Cama Adentro last night. It was really good.

It's probably not for everyone. It is about a middle aged, middle class Argentine woman who finds herself in a very different life than what she was use to. It's exactly like being there in her apartment with her, following her life.

And I love Norma Aleandro. So that was a bonus.
i love "buenos aires viceversa", "historias extraordinarias", "la ciénaga", "la mujer sin cabeza", "la antena" and "balnearios".