Dating in Buenos Aires.


SaraSara said:
He's probably talking about expat pick-up boliches, where local night-ladies go to make a quick buck off the foreigners.

When it comes to sex, I fear their "social values" are so relaxed as to be practically nonexistent...:)
That I can imagine - I have doubts about the 7/1 ratio... Is not the first time I hear about it but I don´t think it´s true.


nlaruccia said:
If a middle class Argentinian man could afford to be overly-coiffured with an iPad, Blackberry, plasma with surround sound, they would. They just can't afford it. I know several wealthy Argentine men who are just as cologned and coiffed as any North American or European, if not more.
Perhaps among some men - I just don't think that metrosexuality would ever take off here like it did in the UK/US money or no money. And I still think that Argentine men (in general) have a deeper appreciation of culture than their counterparts in the UK/US. Most of the blokes I know back home spend their free time shopping, watching TV, and bulking themselves up in the gym - the Argentines I know are far more well-rounded.


Hi everybody
When I read these posts I remember my friends saying things like "there are no men" but one thing I can tell most of the times women get cheated because they already know that "that guy is not so serious as we would like but he was so nice".... so what I mean is that we are also responsible of what happens to us, if the guy is not what we want we can say no I better wait to meet one that at least seems to be more honest. Iam married we are both locals and it was no easy to find the right one but believe me that it worth the effort!


Digger said:
You are no match for my understanding and knowledge of this society, and in particular Argentine men. Try me anytime.
Sorry, Digger, you are no match for my understanding and knowledge of this society. Try me anytime.


Dear Digger,
I see you spent a lot of time in bars (or good enough to make some numbers and the women to men ratio). No much action there, but granted, you don't like the cheapies there...

But I also see you posted your "personal ad" here (almost in disguise), looking for a female partner.
Quote: "I am dateable, btw. Would love to find an attractive, independent cosmopolitan chick preferably working for herself and with time to burn, a knack for adventures, and Tango. PM me."
So, you come to an educated-people's forum with your stratagy (present yourself in a well-educated manner, showing how smart and analytical you are, etc), looking for the more sofisticated woman that you like.

To make it short: the cheap blokes here nail the cheap chicks, and the sofisticated men look (sometimes) the sofisticated women. But basically everybody wants some action.

All the rest is just your analysis (valid, failed, i dont care) as a filler for your personal ad. Good luck with that!


Well Sara, I'm sorry to jump on this one but I have a bone to pick. I am also a born and bred Argentine and my life experience in Buenos Aires is worlds away from yours. Just because your life is the way it is, that doesn't make it universally the same for everybody else in the land.

I often nod in agreement when I read the negative things that are written here and that added to my origin and nationality must surely make me a traitor or a madman, wouldn't you agree?

Maybe you are also living in a nice little bubble of your own, I'm sure you must be aware of it. This Argentina that you keep portraying looks like a cartoon from where I'm watching


NoPat said:
Maybe you are also living in a nice little bubble of your own, I'm sure you must be aware of it. This Argentina that you keep portraying looks like a cartoon from where I'm watching
I understand what what you mean, but that cartoonish Argentina does exist. It is not the only reality, just one of them.

We all live in our own bubbles. I'm keenly aware of mine and keep reaching outside, it but it is a constant struggle. Social pressures in Argentina are strong and oriented to keeping people in their "proper" place, i.e.: the place they were born into. We stray from it at our peril.

Thankfully, my extended family is a mixed bag. Two of my nieces are card-carrying anarchists, while others belong to the Opus Dei. I have relatives scattered all over the country doing things as diverse as guiding tours in Puerto Madryn, working as vet assistants in Tandil, crewing in commercial fishing boats, working as divers in oil-platform maintenance, training polo horses in Cordoba, flipping pizzas in a La Rioja pizzeria, teaching bridge, and keeping a kiosco in a Mar del Plata suburb. Some others have more pedestrian occupations such as accounting, medicine, and the law.

All in all, a good cross-sample of people, I think.
Digger said:
mmmm, in this culture guys call girls, the other way round is taken as a sign of wanting 'action'.
God forbid, a woman wanting 'action' - is that allowed?

From your post, it sounds like wanting a bit of action is 100% the dominion of men. Women just want a partner and to settle down. Really?