Economists warn electing Milei would spell devastation

And you think that the Peronistas are incapable of fraud, especially in the provincia de Buenos Aires?
Reading the chatter on social media, I'm going to predict some messiness tomorrow with ballots because it seems LLA is a bit disorganized in the provinces as far as having enough poll workers (?). It also sounds like they're not sending as many ballots to prep the rooms in the morning, with the expectation that their representatives will restock the rooms throughout the day rather than just put enough ballots there to begin with. This in theory will insure that the evil Ks don't destroy their ballots throughout the day, but lacking sufficient party organization, some expect this will lead to reports of stations lacking Milei ballots (which never got replenished, or delivered in the first place).

It sounds like it's on the individual parties to do this; each is given an equal amount of money to print and distribute ballots. But LLA, being a new party, does not really have their ducks in a row outside the major cities. Calls from underlings with questions are not being returned by higher-ups in a timely fashion, etc. Fingers crossed there's no major snafus but seems unlikely, with the milei team already talking about fraud.

The milei folks online seem to be lamenting that the current government is to blame for not having a single ballot system; but just like in the USA, the time to complain about election laws is a year before the election, not the day before (if you have actionable concerns). Or, god forbid, the day after.

This stuff is painful for me to watch since I work ballot processing when I'm in the States, and had to hear all the nonsense about "fraud" in 2020; which was easily explained if anyone had bothered to ask someone who actually did the work. People being all,"why are they stopping at 2 am!?"... As if a bunch of local retirees earning minimum wage were going to drink red bull and pull an all-nighter to get it done ASAP. Uh, nope. Not how it goes.
You are mistaken, I have read it. You are trying to pretend like things are well in Germany, and they just are not. They are having a housing crises as well....Projections into the future don't mean anything. They are often wrong. They tend to paint a rosy picture, but the situation usually ends up worse than they say, or predict it will be. .

I'm not pretending that things are well at all, where on earth are you getting that from??? The whole article is projecting, including the contraction that you are using to qualify your nonsense. I've wasted enough time with you and will in future just ignore your uninformed opinions which you try to pass off as fact.
If Milei wins they predict the cripto dollar will fly..? already moving up.
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If Milei wins they predict the cripto dollar will fly..?
19:25 crypto markets are already pricing in a drop in the peso, with the USDT-peso exchange rate sliding more than 11% to about 995 pesos per dollar