Google Fi: Your international data roaming will be suspended soon


Nov 10, 2020
I finally got the notice after living here for 4 years. Gotta think about my next steps.

Those still on Fi might wanna be thinking about next steps too. They might come for you next! (this was about 120 days outside the USA).
ha. I got the same email today. clearly they were doing some auditing of costs or something.

I was last in the US just before Christmas, going on 5 years here. my luck ran out though.

my time here is winding down though so not sure what I'll do yet. I don't need data roaming THAT much but it will be an inconvenience
I have a question for both of you. How much are your bills averaging each month? If you open the Fi app is it noted there as well? I always had the impression that if they were still making money off you then they wouldn't cut service. Earlier today I did get a weird t-mobile alert that just said "testing"... now I'm about to go check my email that I never use to see if I got the same.
Well shit.. I got the email 12 days ago. Fortunately my main number is Google voice which isn't in danger. But now I'll have to get a local sim. Do any of the carriers here on real monthly plans offer international data roaming?
I may try to game the system and put the sim in an old phone and mail it to a friend the US so that it registers there and stops the data deactivation.
I told you so :) Sorry, could not resist.

I don't think keeping your USA plan for a long time is a viable option. There are technologies like calls-over-wifi that you can use, but sooner or later they will figure out that you are overseas all the time and cancel your domestic plan.
Fortunately my main number is Google voice which isn't in danger.
I too have Google Voice, however it has some limitations. It is not accepted to verify your identity, hence cannot be used with Venmo and Paypal. I am currently outside of Argentina and I cannot login to my Paypal account because it asks for my phone number for verification, but then it says my Google Voice is not a valid number. I try to enter my other phone numbers (regular sim cards in my name) not from the US, and it won't take them, either), although there is an option to select all of the world's international prefixes.
Does suspending data roaming effect receiving SMS verification codes?