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    Other Sources for Drinking Water?

    I like sierra de los padres
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    Getting my girlfriend money

    get her an extension of your credit card with a certain limit
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    Where can i get a brazilian wax in ba

    anywhere, really. they're called "pelvis completa" (if you want everything out) or "cavado profundo" if you want to leave a little. personally i like cerini but you can find at least one place per block and they are all fairly good
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    Possible Airport Delay while paying $300 fine?

    No. Allow extra time.
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    Elective caesarean required - advice needed

    I recommend Claudio CLiment
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    Recording conversation - legal req's

    Both parties have to know. That's why, whenever you call a call center, they let you know that they may be doing it.
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    Layover in Brazil without a visa..

    my boyfriend had a layover in brazil no problem a few months ago. I wonder what it depends on.
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    Chile is not Switzerland

    I hate the Chilean classism and the feeling of being served all the time, but that's just me
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    Argentines: want to travel? You need Cristina's permission

    guys, nobody has to ask permission to travel. that form is only if you need to buy dollars to travel and it complies with the other regulations.
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    No more French fries in McDonalds

    they opened again wednesday.
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    cell phone providers taking your balance

    I don't see ho these two facts are related (your visa/citizenship and what you can't access) All networks do that. You can't access some BBC stations from the US either, and you can't see some latin content in the US. It has to do with networks and when they sell their programming...
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    Homeschooling in Buenos Aires

    School is only needed from 5 years old in Argentina. Pre-school is optional.
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    anyone coming from the US willing to help?

    Hi, I'm coming back in July. I'd be happy to help if no one can do it first.
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    Welcome to the Argentine Idiocracy

    I find your post disrespectful, offensive and insensitive. All sort of people voted for Cristina on the last year elections. You need a little more variety among your friends.
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    recieving package - with huge aduanas fee

    if it was sent by a courier, most of it aren't custom taxes, but the courier fees for picking up the package for you and doing the work (paying taxes) for you. you can say no, and it will go back to the person who sent it. i've done it. everytime someone sends you something from the US make...