Formosa: What is going on and why does it matter?


Looks like the rules don’t actually apply to Formosa afterall.
As always the government just talks smoke and protects their friends while persecuting their enemies.
A decree is the way a President gives orders to his employeds like police, military, teachers, doctors and public agents in general. If the Governor disagrees, he is allowed to ignore it as soon as he is not an employed of the President. The President needs a law of the Congress to enforce it to the governor.



"Weak institutions and an often ineffective and politicized judicial system undermined systematic attempts to curb corruption," notes a report from the Joe Biden administration.

Impunity remained a significant problem in security forces at all levels. Corruption and a slow, politicized judicial system impeded efforts to investigate abuses. The government generally denounced reported abuses and took efforts to train military and security forces at all levels on human rights, including through online training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report highlights that in 2020 Argentina saw the following types of human rights abuses:
  • Arbitrary deprivation of life and other unlawful or politically motivated killings (e.g. 401 various killings at the hands of police and the situation in Santa Fe province)
  • Forced disappearances (e.g. The alleged disappearance of Facundo at the hands of Provincia Buenos Aires police and failure to investigate or press charges)
  • Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of punishment (e.g. 427 cases including a 17 year detainee being subject to torture by electric shock in Provincia Buenos Aires and sexual abuse of female detainees by Provincia Buenos Aires police)
  • Arbitrary arrest or detention (e.g. Various events during the quarantine and in the name of "public health" and slow pace of trials keeping people in detention longer than 2 years)
  • Denial of free and fair trial (e.g. Judges frequently being subject to political manipulation)
  • Impeding freedom of expression and press (e.g. the creation of a media censorship agency, persecution of media outlets and journalists, violence and harassment of journalists, CFK defaming journalists etc, Provincia Buenos Aires police dispersing protesting workers with rubber bullets.)
  • Corruption and lack of government transparency (e.g. where to start...?)
  • Failure to fill the post of an ombudsman to oversee human rights
  • Exclusion and poor living conditions of indigenous peoples including displacements
The 2021 report published next year will include the events of Formosa, and may have further criticisms on the democratic strength of the state should PASO and general elections be postponed as the government again seem to be pushing for in addition to the "judicial reforms" and pressure on judges investigating corruption cases to resign.
It is a slippery slope...