Venting on BAexpats...


Indeed, I am very happy and grateful living in Argentina. I am not sure, if I have encountered absolutely any problem living here almost 14 years.

I fail to understand , what problems ( in Argentina) are being discussed here.
I see Argentina in a state of absolute paralysis; politically, economically and socially.

If you are from a dirt poor country (no offense if indeed you were), economically totally independent from Argentina with a USD income and socially not really invested in Argentina (wife, kids or wider family), and if you don't really care about things like rising poverty, insecurity etc, then - and only then - I can follow your point.

Reality here is that most young people have barely a future, unemployment sky high, almost impossible find a proper job (forget about en blanco). Poverty everywhere you are looking at. Life especially in the Conurbano is getting more and more complicated and dangerous. Worst of all the pessimism is so high that in the foreseeable future no one will invest here in Argentina, create jobs and opportunities.


Personally, once this pandemic hit I decided to move away with my Argentine wife, although we had made that decision before it hit. I cannot take it any more after 15 years of living in Argentina. Economically, it makes sense to be in Argentina, where my money stretches a lot further (digital business). But I need a break. I can't take the constant complaining from everywhere. Everyone complains literally about everything in every conversation. Everything is negative ALL the time.

It really had started to drag me down a few years ago, so last year we took a plane and headed to the USA in the middle of the pandemic, not to mention that I got tired of the draconian lockdown. USA isn't perfect either, but no place is. Argentina can be a fun and delightful place and I love my wife's family, and the friends I made there, but for the last few years, it's like this dark shadow has come over the country and people's biting cynicism drags you down 24/7.

I, also see zero opportunities for my children when they are young adults, and with my daughter approaching adolescence, we decided their best opportunities would come in my home country. I haven't missed Argentina at all since I left, to be honest. I guess I have become like an Argentine in a lot of ways in that I love Argentina, but I hate it, too. Maybe we will be back permanently one day, but for now, it will just be extended visits.

Greg S

I am not trying to find excuses for staying here. Bottom line is that currently the benefits of staying here outweigh the costs (has to do with my work situation, age of kids, among other factors). But if things stay this way (or get worse), it will be beneficial for us to leave in a couple of years time. And then we will do it.

NB: I generally like your unorthodox views on a lot of things. But just to say "leave if you don't like it" is a bit too simple.
The unorthodox are generally just a few steps ahead. Soon we become the orthodox. If you study history, really study it from ancient Egypt to Greece to the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire to the British and USA empires, it's fairly simple to see what's coming. A better life for a few, a diminished life for most.

Greg S

On a moderate USD income, CABA is pretty hard to beat. Still. If you need to launch kids; head home at the appropriate time. Otherwise, enjoy.
Bingo. For the northern hemisphere winter, it‘s great. It’s as simple as that. I don’t understand why an expat would live in CABA and then complain about it. You want to c0mplain? Try Detroit. Milwaukee. St Louis. Etc etc.


Or USA. It’s everywhere. Are you familiar with the Gini coefficient? Things will only get worse. I’m not a pessimist. Just a realist. This is simply where we’re all headed. Palermo Chico is probably not a bad place to ride it out.
The income distribution is already much worse in Argentina than the US.

Palermo Chico is not a bad place to ride it out, either is Beacon Hill or the West Village.

St Louis is not an ideal city, but you can't compare it to BA. That's like the equivalent of La Pampa. A city I wouldn't want to live in either.


The US may be "efficient" but you're going to need a lot of cash to live in a nice urban center and enjoy such good life as it has to offer.

If you're well to do and not enjoying BA, leave.

If you're enjoying the four-five star BA life on a moderate income, count your blessings.

Postive attitude combined with reality-based decision making will maximize your happiness.