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This is a community site of of expatriates living in Buenos Aires - a special place where people can get together, share experiences and help each other out. Eventually it will contain a comprehensive guide on moving and living in Argentina.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Celebrating diversity at BA Jazz's wrap up[Buenos Aires Herald]
A cultural melting pot, an expression of both European and Latin American heritage, an ever-growing example of diversity — such a description could swiftly explain the essence of Buenos Aires, but (consequently perhaps) it describes even better what the BA Jazz festival is all about.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Buenos Aires’ SlutWalk: Marcha de las Putas Takes On Machismo[ The Bubble]
Slutwalk festival, or the more diplomatically-named Festival de la Marcha de las Putasis about to take on legally sanctioned misogyny massongy this Saturday in the Buenos Aires.  Argentine Capitol. This year’s theme is Consentimiento: La línea es clara (Consent: the line is clear) and will be the rallying cry heard out at the march’s starting point in Plaza de Mayo. The festival kicks off at 3 PM p.m  with vintage music, self-defense class, a panel discussion and catering from “Cafe de Putas”.

Insider’s Guide To The Best Sushi In Buenos Aires[Buenos Aires 4U]
Argentina is well-known on the gastronomy scene for a number of things: steak, empanadas, choripans, milanesas and dulce de leche. One thing that you dont really associate with Argentine cuisine, however, is sushi. Moreover, many people are (needlessly) wary of the fish  since the Río de la Plata doesnt exactly conjure up images of fresh salmon and tuna. But that doesnt mean you should avoid sushi here. Sushi is still very popular and there is plenty of good sushi in Buenos Aires if you know ...

This Weekend in BA: Buenos Aires Extremo[Buenos Aires 4U]
Looking for plans this weekend in Buenos Aires? If youre a fan of extreme sports, or are looking for an adrenaline filled weekend, then If youre into extreme sports or want to be awed by some extremely skilled adrenaline junkies, then Buenos Aires Extremo is for you. This extreme sports festival takes place this weekend on 23 November 2014. Buenos Aires Extreme is an exhibition ...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Traders Spot 63% Profit in Argentina Dollar-Linked Bonds[Bloomberg]
Investing in a country that uses multiple foreign-exchange rates to control the flow of dollars can be fraught with risk. In Argentina, it's also giving bond traders a chance to reap a profit exceeding 60 percent. A month after the nation sold its ...

In Argentina's Debt Case, No Winners, but a Lot of Losers[New York Times]
In Argentina's Debt Case, No Winners, but a Lot of LosersNew York TimesJudge Thomas P. Griesa of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled two years ago that Argentina, which defaulted in 2001, had to pay its bonds in full, including back interest, to investors who had refused to exchange them for new ones in a debt ...

Hay Producto Argentino: Masticar Market[Pick Up The Fork]
Masticar, the countrys most hyped food fair and overall edible love fest, saw over 110,000 people who came out for the ultimate Palermo gorging orgy (gorgy?). While many chef groupies flocked to take selfies with Masterchefs, the real celebrity action was going down in the mercado, where 80 producers from 19 provinces showed off their ...

Senate Approves Reforms to Criminal Procedure Code[The Argentina Independent]
The bill to modify the Criminal Procedure Code was passed by the Senate last night, by 39 votes to 24. It is yet to be approved by the Lower House. The bill, which includes several reforms to the existing 1991 law, proposes a switch from an inquisitorial system – in which judges both conduct criminal investigations and rule on them – to an accusatory system, where prosecutors take charge ...

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Interested in Argentina? Beware of the Debt Crisis[Motley Fool]
Argentina had a fantastic 1990s, followed by the largest sovereign bond default in history and a completely dismal 2000s. Despite its economic troubles (more on that in a moment), the nation managed to restructure most of its debt and is looking to ...

The Sexiest Wine Cellars in Buenos Aires[ The Real Argentina]
While foodies come over all emotional trying to decide which Instagram filter to use on a tasting menu, we oenophiles get decidedly hot and bothered over wine cellars – and not just their contents. Wooden wine racks have given way to temperature-controlled fridges, which in turn have been eclipsed by bespoke storage facilities that rightly take centre stage in fine dining establishments. Let’s take a look at some of Buenos Aires’ sexiest wine cellars.

Inside Argentina’s Blue Dollar Market[The Argentina Independent]
“Cambio dólares cambio…” On Florida street, “Cambio dolares cambio…” On Calle Florida, the arbolitos are out in force. They are the public face of the blue dollar market – an exchange so ubiquitous, so open, and so important to the local economy, you could almost forget that it is illegal. ‘Arbolitos’ offering informal currency exchange on Calle Florida (photo/Shane Korpisto) The blue dollar is unique: an unofficial currency bourse with the outward appearance of a legitimate exchange.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Best Museums in Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
We all know Buenos Aires is famous for its cafes, nightlife, tango and soccer. But its also a city with a rich history and a thriving arts scene. Dotting Buenos Aires’ barrios is a fascinating collection of museums and galleries that showcase the city’s heritage, historical figures and love of the arts.The popular barrio of Palermo is home to one of the city’s most popular and most visited museums/galleries, MALBA (malba.org.ar, Figueroa Alcorta 3415). The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos ...

Gallery Nights November 2014[BA Travel Guide]
Gallery Nights is the original circuit for art lovers around more than 60 art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, organized by the art magazine Arte al Día, AdnCultura (La Nacion newspaper), and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires once a month, between April and December.The next edition will be held on Thursday, November 20th, 2014, from 7 pm to 10 pm, in the neighborhoods of Retiro, Barrio Norte and Recoleta in Buenos Aires.As always, there will be live ...

Cash-Strapped Argentina Discovers Carpooling[Worldcrunch]
In Argentina it is catching on as fuel and car maintenance costs rise and public transportation remains defficient. Martín Rubio, one of the creators of SincroPool, a platform which facilitates sharing, says his firm provides companies with a webpage ...

Chili Rabbit[SaltShaker]
I’ve recently become enamored of a particular Peruvian dish, the ajiaco con conejo. Actually, any ajiaco, because it’s one of the most delicious Peruvian potato preparations I’ve tried – when done right. Now, ajiaco basically means something in a chili sauce. The Peruvian version is quite different from the better known Colombian one, which is a soup, this is a potato stew, most typically it seems, with a blend of ají panca and ají mirasol, the common dried red and yellow Peruvian chilies, along ...

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Lollapalooza 2015 Line-up is Out[ The Bubble]
Lollapalooza, after months of nervous foot-tapping and nail-biting among fans and past veterans has finally announced its line up for March next year. A Lollapalooza, for those of you  like me  behind on the latest in the music world, is not, in fact, a childrens adventure park or some kind of cool dessert involving lollipops. Actually, it turns out a Lollapalooza is an annual indie rock music festival, featuring anything and everything from alternative rock to heavy metal to comedy acts and ...

Argentina Builds Spy Apparatus, with a Little Help from the Germans[PanAm Post]
The report, signed by Germany's Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Rainer Sontowski, states that Germany sold Argentina surveillance technology capable of intercepting emails and cell phone calls. In 2010, the Argentinean government paid...

The Best Ice Cream in Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
Summers in Buenos Aires are long, hot and humid. Many porteños pack up and head to the beaches of Mar del Plata and Punta del Este. However, scores remain, painstakingly sweating their way through the blazing temperatures in search of an air-conditioned refuge. While a cold beer can help to beat the heat, there is nothing quite like a scoop, or bowl, of Argentine ice cream to cool you down. Ice cream is fundamental to Argentine culture and credits its existence to Italian immigration during the ...

Argentina creates new agency to track trade, slow dollar flight[Reuters]
Early this month Argentina said the company hid income and over-billed $138 million in imports to get money out of the country, which three years ago introduced stringent capital controls to protect its dwindling foreign reserves...

Q&A: Finding the 'disappeared' in Argentina and Mexico[SciDev.Net]
Set up to investigate the crimes of Argentina's military dictatorship of the 1970s, the team has been identifying skeletal remains of disappeared people, often found in unmarked graves. Since then the group has travelled to many of the world's ...

Student finds independence in Argentina[Daily Nebraskan]
Studying abroad on an entirely different continent was a daunting concept. Once her flight to Argentina was delayed for an entire day, she was separated from her group of fellow students, and the anxiety increased. But she was prepared. Six years of ...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Not Your Average Exhibit: Cortazar’s ‘Rayuela: Una Muestra Para Armar’[ The Bubble]
For anyone looking to avoid another sleepy amble through a museum,  “Rayuela: “Rayuela: Una Muestra Para Armar,”  Armar,” may be the next thing to check out. As a self-proclaimed “counter-museum” exhibit, visitors embark on a literary journey winding through four floors and several narrative tracks – as well as a jumble of turns and nameless games – to tell the story behind Julio Cortazar’s legendary novel.

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