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    Some Forum Members Are Campora Activists

    I don´t think that there are even "cyber" something. There are people with different political opinions (like mine) and they own a PC and an Internet connection. Nobody is monitoring this website, there are lots of bigger fish to fry. You are OK, my friends.
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    Greece and Argentina

    As almost anything written in the Real World Economics Blog, worth reading and thought-provoking. It is one thing to be right-wing and believe in a supposed "free" market, and another to be blind to everyday facts. Greece will leave the Euro or will perish, ditto for Spain.
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    Prohibition on drawing from accounts in pesos from outside Argentina from April 3rd

    Yes, it is because of this. Basically, if you work legally and pay your taxes, you can buy the USD (approved by AFIP) and put them in your USD account. I would prefer that AFIP approves the amount based on my account in Pesos (after all, it is the same the convert them to USD-->whatever coin I...
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    Are these things true?

    Some tourists were murdered, yes. The important word here is "some". Each person is important, so if you ask if this is bad, it is. If you ask if there is a significantly statistical chance of being murdered as a tourist in Argentina, the answer is no. Now, somebody should call the police...
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    Yes, we have no bananas...and other former imports too

    One on which for some weird reasons, including the oligopolistic structure of big parts of the economy, most of its own books, written by locals and for locals, were imported from Spain. The solution was to ban those imports, thus Argentinean companies now will need to print Argentinean books in...
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    Just when you think you have a great portero...

    Maybe some of the owners want to put their own people, maybe one of them has a company that administrates buildings, maybe is just a personal issue. We changed administrators this year (last one was a thief), but we would never change our 30-year-experience. The guy was one of the workers when...
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    how people live?

    I enjoyed my teenage years in Argentina a lot.. and still graduated (some 4 times!) thanks to the good public (free) education that I received in this country. Compared with other students in Tel Aviv University (the top school in that part of the world) I knew a lot more about almost...
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    Argentina's Problems

    Hey I am a Socialist (a free market socialist, btw) and I am not ignorant! So in one sentence I destroyed an argument (hehe). We are a young democracy, and most of us are enjoying it, thank you very much. I know that for those economists that still believe in the axioms of marginal theory and...
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    In need of...

    Go to a bargain-shop and buy plain t-shirts for 30 pesos. When one gets destroyed, you use the second one. My 15-peso white t-shirts were good for more than one year each.
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    how people live?

    Do not go to France then, you will have a seizure. The added holidays were created because the 2-week paid vacations in the law are really not enough to maintain your sanity in the workplace, and they also benefit many areas in the country that live on tourism. I expect that these holidays...
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    Who are the future BAEXPATS?

    Future ex-pats: thousands of Europeans (especially Spain). Their numbers are growing every day in BA.
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    The Queen Speaks

    Nope, since they are a foreign colonial force implanted in the islands. CFK is not doing this for electoral reasons, she is doing it because the timing is right. With the European economic meltdown, it will be difficult for the UK to maintain its remaining colonies (the "Falklands" only?)...
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    Government-proposed ban on British imports

    It is anti-capitalist, not anti-business. Is not the same. Business and free market do not belong to capitalism, which is simply a distribution method of the profits of a company. Peronism is capitalist, and always was, but gives a little bit more to the worker. That "thug" as you called him...
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    how people live?

    1- We consume less. My phone is 3 years old. I could care less. 2- We live until later with our parents. Is not only money, I would not go to my own apartment at age 18. I was happy until I was 23 of living in my childhood home. 3- Rent outside Palermo is not so expensive. We also rent at...
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    Train accident in Once (linea Sarmiento) 340 wounded

    A thousand thumbs up. And I really hope that Cristina does this. Anything else, the government will suffer a lot in 2013.