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    Infant visa overstay?

    I have a question on a tourist visa overstay (by a few weeks), for a baby. What might happen/ what are my options to avoid? Colonia visa run, paying the fine at the airport (or a gov. office in advance)? The parents won't have an overstay. Thanks!
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    Ezeiza - Plastic Wrap For Luggage - Cost?

    Does anyone know how much it is to wrap 1 bag in plastic wrap at Ezeiza (more or less)? Trying to figure out how many pesos I need to hold on to. Thanks!
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    Looking To Learn Spanish

    UBA is pricey, but the prof's are very good... especially if you are still working through different verb forms. A lot of other institutes/ pvt instructors copy the UBA coursebooks (for a reason). Also recommend going to group classes (dancing, yoga, anything) and Couchsurfing events (esp...
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    Moving In Sept! Any Advice?

    El Niño - you aren't too far off, assuming you're not living in a posh neighborhood. Buenos Aires living expenses are incredibly low compared to North America (esp. rent). Monthly expenses: Groceries = AR$500/week (for vegetarians); so 250/person Dining out = AR$100 (neighborhood place) to...
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    Going To Chinatown Tomorrow - What Should I Buy???

    Tofu - there's a place that makes their own - Defu (Arribeños 2233)... the marinated tofu and fried ones are great & it's super cheap. There's also fresh noodles. Also, Asian veggies (anywhere), and legumes (Casa China). Avoid the bubble tea - the tapioca pearls are like mushed peas
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    Place For Fileteado Signs?

    Does anyone know a place/ person that makes fileteado signs (curly lines/ flowers)? Looking to get a small one personalized. Thanks!
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    Buying A Bike?

    I second mercado libre - just make sure you can check out the bike first. In May or June, I'll be selling my trusty bike before moving
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    Powdered milk + other hiking foods

    I'm in the same boat! Does anyone know where to find dehydrated vegetables -or- quick cooking rice (5 mins or less)? Thanks!
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    Booking Trip On Seacat

    If you're non-Argie, then foreign credit card -or- cash (in dollars) are the only two options. I did credit card for Seacat a few weeks ago, worked out to about US$ 40 total
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    Vitamins And Supplements?

    Try a dietetica - they have basic vitamins. Pricier/ smaller quantities than back home though
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    Chicken Supremas And Inflation No. 1 Problema

    Now it's come to this in some stores (yes, that's a sec. tag on a tuna package, dios mio):
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    New Girlfriends :)

    I'd be up for a drink - or gathering for a wine tasting night to try new Argie vino (maybe at a resto that allows byo?)
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    Maple Syrup

    Unfortunately import restrictions apply to maple syrup... making it crucial to have friends/fam. pack bottles in lots of bubble wrap when they visit.
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    Brand Rec's For Kitchen Appliances?

    Need to go shopping for a hot plate/ electric stove... any recommendations for reliable brands? Thanks!
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    Help With Neighborhood- Almagro/border Palermo

    I’d pick outside Palermo Soho – it’s very nice to visit, but would be hard to do daily shopping. I’m also veggie – I think every neighborhood is about the same for getting veggie food – you’ll have tons of veggie/fruit stores, some dieteticas (health food stores), and hopefully there’ll be a...