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    Villazon - Uyuni Bolivia

    Hi all, I'm planning on traveling from Villazon to Uyuni on Saturday and it seems the train still isn't operational between Villazon and Tupiza. Does anyone know the fastest route and how long it would take (in each direction?) It appears I can a bus at 14:00 from Villazon to Tupiza and arrive...
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    Bolivia Visa Us Citizen

    I just did it here - SANIDAD DE FRONTERAS: PETRONA EYLE n°10, PUERTO MADERO. - as a walk in. Just bring your passport.
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    Bolivia Visa Us Citizen

    Where is the best place to go and do it? We leave Friday the I have enough time? I have OSDE 210. Do I go to a doctor or a pharmacy? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Bolivia Visa Us Citizen

    Thanks everyone. I know there are threads on it but I appreciate the responses. What about the "mandatory" yellow fever vaccination? Should I worry about getting that done for legal purposes? I'm not worried about getting sick because we're just going to Uyuni
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    Bolivia Visa Us Citizen

    Hi, I am a US citizen living here and planning to visit there with my US friend who's flying down in 2 weeks, crossing by land from Argentina. I've read that you can pay the reciprocity fee at the border, and I'm planning on looking into this more, but I wanted to get a sense if anyone know the...
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    Bolivia Tips - Uyuni

    Thanks, this is great. As awesome as Salta sounds, I don't think my friend and I want to stay 8 days in the same place, knowing us. My other friend went recently to Salta and said 2 full days is enough to do the town of Salta, Humahuaca, and Cachi. It seems Humahuaca is on the way to Bolivia...
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    Bolivia Tips - Uyuni

    Hi, I am also planning a trip to Northern Argentina / Northern Chile / Southern Bolivia at the end of September. I don't think we can visit all 3 in thd allotted time so I am trying to figure out the most feasible plan. We are thinking of arriving to Salta on a Friday evening, and departing...
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    Employment Needed In January

    Come down and give it a try, but it will likely be teaching English unless you make a big effort prior to arriving. There are still a lot of opportunities for that.
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    Flight Prices Resident / Non Resident

    Appreciate the advice. What about the difference (you can check right now, this is as 7/28/13) of $1400 pesos versus ~$600 USD also for LAN when viewing on the argentina site or the US site. That's not a domestic carrier.
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    Flight Prices Resident / Non Resident

    Hey all, Did a search but didn't see anything too recent on this so... I am a temporary resident here with a DNI, and my friend is coming to visit from the US. We are trying to book a flight to Salta. I can get the resident rate of ~1400 pesos...but the rates on the US site are 600...
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    Is Speaking Spanish A Necessity?

    This is a great opportunity for you. You will appreciate and embrace the challenge of learning spanish and it will be a great life experience. Do it.
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    How Do You Get Your Us/english Tv Fix?

    you can stream colbert right from their website without a VPN. it works fine (minus the stupid ads)
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    $100 Peso Pizza A New Record....!! Viva La Pizza.

    I paid $120 for a large rucula y jamon crudo pizza from Kentucky a few days ago. Was craving it but soooo expensive.
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    Motochorro Caught In Recoleta ... Gets A Beating !!!

    I smiled. Justice is served.
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    Ayuda Familiar

    Yeah, I just mean, with the current exchange rate I'd accumulate roughly $1500 USD in 3 months, so I would do the transfer then. then after another 3 months, I'd make another. So i'd be making the transfer once every 3 months of 1500 USD or less.